Am I Heartbroken? Quiz - The Self Test

We've all been through breakups that we didn't want to happen. It's so hard to let go sometimes, even if it's ultimately for the best. If this has happened to you in the last little while, take my quiz to see if you're still heartbroken, or if you've progressed toward healing.

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    How much do you think about him/her?

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51 days ago
I’m still in a relationship with her we had a couple of fights which left us both som sadness and it left me to the point I feel really hurt and brokenhearted I just hope these stupid feelings will go away soon ik she loves me very much and I’ve had also sum uh feelings of numbness that come and go but now these broken feelings come up every time she’s in my mind it feels like somebody is stabbing me in the chest and idk what to do I don’t wanna leave her but at the same time idk but I wanna stay I have never had such strong love for anyone before and I wanna go back to our wonderful connection
77 days ago
I know y’all say family first but let me get this straight I don’t even put allah (god) above him and I’m just a bich to him
77 days ago
I know y’all say family first but let me get this straight I don’t even put allah (god) above him and I’m just a 😘 to him
80 days ago
3 days ago I was broken up with…He said he had loved me for over a year until he confessed. We started dating and everything was perfect. Our families liked each other, we communicated great, and we had an amazing and loving relationship… I left for family stuff a month ago. I spent my last day with him and we where having our final goodbyes before we would see each other again. Well when I got back a week ago he was distant. I tried to hang out but he always said he was busy. And I had finally gotten to hang out with him at his sisters reception. It was perfect or so I thought. We went on a hike the next day and when we where going back to his house he let the bomb drop… he started to consider breaking up with me the day I left… he gave the excuse of “it’s not you it’s me. I’m a lone wolf and I have learned I am better off alone” I said I understood and dropped him off and cried on the way home. I texted his best friend to let him know and he told me that didn’t sound like him so he questioned him. He told his best friend I was driving him crazy and he was unhappy. The unhappy part I can understand but why didn’t he communicate with me? My best friend texted him asking for his side and he told her it was “family stuff” and that he couldn’t be the support I needed. Keep in mind we where calling each other the love of our lives on the 4th and he dumped me on the 10th… I don’t know what happened but it shattered me. I trusted him and he has broken me…
112 days ago
Why this happen??.??.?
138 days ago
140 days ago
It's crazy how someone can't just hurt a person, and pretend like nothing happen

I loved her, gave her my all, I tried to make it work, but I failed and it cost me my heart, it shattered to pieces every time I try to put them together everything shatters over and over again. So I just stopped trying to fix everything I'm done it is what it is...I guess. Love is a curse disguised to look wonderful with hope, happiness and when it's over, you're just left there all alone tryna make sense of it. Hits hard especially when you're an overthinker.
149 days ago
I want to dieeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee
155 days ago
My result is a few hundred pieses I knew that there is someone make him happy i don't know how to let go /i can't let go he was my first crush /strong crush but he just ignore me so it really hurts couse I like him i can't say it in front of him
And it's like I'm invisible to him
(Can you pls give me some advice)...
192 days ago
My results said A few hundred pieces broken that’s probably right because I have loved her and I still love her and she doesn’t like me back I’m female btw
228 days ago
My results were half-broken. Sounds about right with situation from 6 months ago. One step at a time to heal... one step at a time... but heart broken takes me a long time to be honest, even if it was a brief relationship.

And it doesn't change my other broken heart with the passing of my grandma when this year started... So I still feel two broken hearts but one is far more greater then the other.

Otherwise, thanks for the self-test quiz. It truly does take time to heal, and for some of us like myself, possibly more time which is OK.
231 days ago
We were never dating but they were the biggest crush I’ve ever had. I loved them for a long time, and I was committed to them. I’ve always been scared of commitment, but I knew if I got in a relationship with them, I’d keep my commitment and love them forever. Deep stuff, huh- well, I found out he liked someone else :’) now it wasn’t a HUGE deal, I guess I’m just overreacting… anyway, I walked away with a ‘smile’ on my face, and burst into tears. I couldn’t stop choking on my breaths because I was sobbing so hard. I literally gave the, everything my heart had to offer. Anyway, I got shattered heart, ye.
247 days ago
I had the biggest crush on my female teacher. Her mind eyes and her sweet smile. I never felt that way about anyway before. She was the sun and light. I had to leave the school though since I graduated 1 year ago. Sometimes I feel like I’m falling but others I’m okay
259 days ago
My boyfriend just dumped me 2 days ago, over text. I was on a family holiday, checked my phone after coming back from the beach and then broke. I hadn't seen him for maybe a month but was well in truly in love with him. We hadn't been dating for long however all of last year we had a "thing" (filrty) we had known that we had liked eachother since may 2021. I wanted to tell him I loved him since June but he was against "love" yet was into lovey dovey stuff? I am half broken, meaning I will get better and if I ever see him again I will most likely break but for the moment I'm working on myself new year new start, new hotties to chase after😅 (dont comeat me for that I am just joking) Xx from one anonymous to the next
285 days ago

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287 days ago
i love this person they shattered me but we're still friends
304 days ago
ive healed since i last took this,298 days. thats how long it happy that ive moved and and that he has too but sometimes i wish we still messed with eachother.he may had shattered me but i got through it. "my heart is cracked" but thats fine
323 days ago
Shattered heart, I loved them so much I still do
328 days ago
Someone please help me , i dont feel like living anymore
335 days ago
First of all, I'm not really fitted into this category of being broken-hearted person. A friend literally pressures me to confess to her and reveal who's my crush. Then, she said that person has a relationship with someone, which I already knew before because of stalking online. After all of that, she always calls me "broken" in messenger. BTW,I literally don't want anyone to reciprocate me or I don't feel the need to. It's just I wanted myself to forget the person a year ago. Though, I've learned that my mind can't do that. He is the only person that can make me feel this way, and I never want to disturb him...