Am I Heartbroken? Quiz - The Self Test

We've all been through breakups that we didn't want to happen. It's so hard to let go sometimes, even if it's ultimately for the best. If this has happened to you in the last little while, take my quiz to see if you're still heartbroken, or if you've progressed toward healing.

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    How much do you think about him/her?

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4 days ago
i am in high school n i have been dating the same boy for about 5 years and everything was great.... ik he cheated on me with other girls and he disrespected my family but i was still with his srry ass. the up until now he spreads rumors about me n 🦄shaming me for no reason cause i wanted to break up with him..... a few weeks ago my best friend was "talking to him" and i felt a little jelly but didnt care but i warned her and she came up to me crying saying i was right n a few days later i find out shes dating him..... so much for a best friend... but im still waiting to laugh in her face n say "i told u so"......(srry for the side rant) but yeh im damged both inside n out
15 days ago
well tbh it was just different. i never liked a person as much as them... and still never have. ever since day 1 till now, remembering everything all the times we had together.. it just meant everything to me and the best times of my life. i would still do anything to be with them and im in the middle of deciding
a. waiting
b. moving on
i tried b but everything just reminded me of them... and it hurts. everyday i remember them when they probably arent even thinking of me tho-
i cant imagine what itd be like if it werent them... i never been like this before. like why did i have to fall for someone this hard..
this is why i was scared to fall for them.. just the hurt and yet still wanting to be with them. its what i hate. its the fact thatd id still be with them even after all this.
if i could tell them something right now... itd be "im sorry i love you, weirdo"
30 days ago
I was with him for 6 months only to find out I was never alone he cheated through out our relationship and I didn’t know ! I’m healing . I know I deserve way better than what he gave me. I’m better off without him . I will be happy soon .
35 days ago
Someone should tell me how to get over her.
43 days ago
It says that my heart is shatterd and to talk to someone who cares. But they were the only one that cared. I don't know what to do.
67 days ago
3 years ago it was awesome, and then i choose to cut everything but came back after,same level of fun. I thought that we'll become a couple, that he would ask me out but nothing. A girl just popped out of nowhere and the end.
Hard. I sometimes have some hope that he'll realize something, but after high school he said that he's gonna move in with her. Just gonna wait for their marriage, and i bet i'm gonna be their groomsman.
72 days ago
i knew him for 8 months. i was heartbroken because he left and moved away, and until now i guess i was fine but then today it rained and i was alone at my house and i just began to cry because it all reminded me of that sad day - the last time i ever saw him. anyway good luck guys!
88 days ago
I was with him for almost 8 months. Was even best friends with his family and then he broke up with me and the next day I saw him with another girl. I’m still cracked but I like to think it was for the best, everything happens for a reason❤️❤️
93 days ago
I was with him for 6 months and he randomly broke up with me ~
101 days ago
Love it!It help me alot!
105 days ago
Well, it's over 2 years and it hasn't improved, time isn't helping, I don't have anybody I can talk to she was my best friend, I am an atheist, so god isn't a thing, I have felt too much pain already, struggling to find the lesson I really tried everything.Distance myself from the things that remind me most of her, what, like our children? Al the stuff I had to take because I don't have money to replace it? No advice that is helpful to me there,
119 days ago
Ha me here crying over an anime character's death that's why im half-heart broken not my fault that Erode-sennin's death was so painful
131 days ago
I really liked this quiz but heart broken people can be heart broken for other reasons than a break up. Still if you are heart broken I hope you get better soon and find someone new!
136 days ago
so i had this friend and we hung out a decent amount w/ our other friends who were dating each other. we hung out more and more and i guess i started liking him in a different way and i started having a huge crush on him. we are swimmers and our friends our swimmers too and we were all on the same team together. i really really really like him and i think he really liked me too but he had this other girl who liked him so i wasnt sure. anyway i went on vacation for 2 weeks and when i got back he had moved up to a different team w/out telling me or anything and now we cant see each other at all and im completly heartbroken cause he's dating the girl who liked him also and im devastated
145 days ago
Shattered heart....They say that I need help =(
149 days ago
so like in in 8th grade rn and im about to go in 9th grade in a few days (my middle school graduation is coming up in a couple days and then im a freshman) but like last year in 7th grade i had English with her and i was a huge🕊simp last year but then i had a huge crush and the quarantine happened and then i stopped feeling for a lot of people except her and then fast forward whole year i came back to inperson school from doing online school most of the year and then the first two weeks i was back i saw her and caught feelings again but like when corona my 🕊 stopped talking to a lot of people and it included her smh so like i had to restart and like shes the only girl who ive gueinly liked in a looonnngggg time so like 🕊 juice WRLD was right A L L G I R L S A R E T H E S A M E bc every 🕊 girl i talked to just stopped and they only talk to me inperson so like i hate everything i just want her to love i will love her so much she wont even need to love me back
170 days ago
So it started in June. I was hanging out with my friends and they brought some guys around. I had this secret obsession with one of them. He was this hot, mexican guy that all my friends since 6th grade, had a tiny crush on (even my gay ones). So him and I took interest in each other and we would make out and id sit on his lap and all that right? well I never felt the 'omg I like him!'. when I say that, I mean genuinely like yk? but he was hot and I was trying to find a distraction with all my personal issues. me and my friends would hang out without him and with this other guy that was in his grade (a grade older); lets call him owen. so owen had a crush on one of the girls i hung out with and i never really never took notice of him. but then one day he randomly snapped me. i responded and after that day we texted every moment we could. then when we would hang out in person, wed be flirting all the time. then one night i went to his friends house (along with the girl he liked) and he told me to come over to him, and we were flirting and somehow we ended up cuddling. i fell asleep on him and when i woke up, that's when i realized how much i actually liked him. i snuck him over for the first time and we watched movies and stuff and then he kissed me. i had never been more happy. then we hung out more and more and more. everyday we would hang out. he would tackle me and pin me down and just held me there until i kissed him back. oh my god i liked him so much. him and i would facetime all the time. before he went to work, after, all through the night, during the day, in the car, at friend's house's, just everywhere. since he was in the grade above me, i didn't know anyone in there, but he wanted so bad to introduced me to his friends. everything was so perfect. but then, my mom found out he snuck over and went ballistic and banned me from ever seeing him again. that includes just texting. she took all my devices and everything. but i needed to talk to him. so i used my old iPod and he helped me so much with my mental stuff that newly developed and i just completely fell for him. my heart just loved him so much. the one person i would;d seriously do anything for, i was banned from seeing. it was terrible. him and i would text on snap ALL the time. every chance i could get without getting caught pretty much. i told him i loved him eventually and he said it back. i was head over heels in love with him. but then the worst thing imaginable happened... he slowly fell out of love. he would tell me constantly that he needed a break and while I'm over here thinking that "he just needs to focus on himself for a little bit, but well be back together soon.". boy was i wrong. he completely fell out of love and my heart shattered. absolutely shattered. I've never loved a human being this much. seriously never. i put a wall up for mus people but not him. he got me in every aspect a person could. he was my freaking soul mate. i lie to him saying that I'm completely over him and I've forgotten about him, but that is so far from the truth. i think about him on a daily. everything reminds me of him. i still love him and thinking about dating someone else is unimaginable. i just cant process it. no one will ever make me feel the things I've felt towards him. since the year 2020, I've developed the skill of cutting people off so easily. i cut off my best friend and didn't even bat an eye. no tears or anything. I've done that with so many times and its easy for me . but with him, its impossible. i don't know why its like that. i just cant. no matter how hard i try. but anyways, I'm just trying to start my healing process but i don't know how ill ever get over him.
180 days ago
I did like him at the first time but he didn't love me he saved me from my drowning own problems I helped him when he was mad or sad and me and he meet on Oct 23, 2020, but after my break up he promises me that he never break up with me so I was happy to see him but he was just used me and cheat on me and so we broke up on Jan 27 2021 I want to choke myself and myself so I think I am drowning again I still love him please help me it still hurts me
193 days ago
I liked him so much even though we didn't talk that often. He is carefree, but kind, funny. I wanted to confess to him since two days but didn't get the chance. I don't know why I felt so attached to that boy but I suddenly started to smile whenever he was around and he was so warming. There was so much that proved he might have had a crush on me. Today, I confessed my feelings to him and he looked deserted for a few seconds and mumbled that he liked to talk to me and thing got very silent for a couple of minutes. Before he left, he said he'll think about it. I've worried for so much time, and now I don't even know if he does like me or not. I didn't want to, but I couldn't hold back my tears and I don't know what I can do to forget about him now. I don't enjoy anything anymore I'd just stare at my wall all day long.
199 days ago
we met january 9th 2021 and that was the day i felt so happy he saved me whenever i was drowning in my own problems,i helped him when he was sad,i love him and dont think i can move on from him,hes gone now and i feel like im drowning again i dont know what to do he wont even talk to me. it hurts,he promised he pinky promised he wouldnt leave me even after all the fights he stayed i cant live without him i know were young14/15 but i know hes thre one for me and the only one i need in my life,will if you ever read this please dont leave me i love you so so much