Am I Heartbroken? 💔

Breakups can be tough and often leave us feeling lost and shattered. It's completely natural to struggle with letting go of someone you once loved deeply. Whether you recently experienced a breakup or you're still carrying the emotional weight from a past relationship, this quiz is here to help you gauge where you are in your healing journey.
Are you ready to discover where your heart truly stands? Let's get started!

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    How much do you think about him/her?

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376 days ago
382 days ago
got a crush, got to know him for a year and he rejected me so badly not in my school now so i dont get to see him anymore literally the last straw started feeling depressed, and took some tests and im depressed woo
405 days ago
my ex girlfriend is with girl she broke up with me for our friend kick her out of group now she just as her girlfriend i now heartbroken when i see them why she upset when she see me now my friends ??.
412 days ago
Long story short. Liked my best friend, he got a girlfriend and I was left to be forced to move on. And now every time I think about him, my chest hurts but I don’t wanna date him tho. Weird. Lol imagine reading this goodluck fellow Earthlings
421 days ago
It's hard to let him go😔he said he love me but it just a prank. I know that he love me too but he don't want to tell anyone. He send me a letter that he want to break up with me and say he just prank me💔
427 days ago
I should have to her how I felt. I knew there was a chance she'd feel the same way, but I was too scared to find out. She's with someone else and deserves to be happy, even if I'm not. 💔
428 days ago
My ex bf was a player , but he did truly love me n so did I
He was always there for me, but he jxt couldn't resist dating every skirt
We still talk, nd it's like he still try's to flirt with me, am left thinking is he jxt tripping or is it sincere should I go back? Will my break be broken again?
434 days ago
I had strong feelings we kissed a few times but then they'd gossip to their peers about me and I was hearing a lot of alarming things. I exponentially became more & more obsessed and dissolved in their beauty even after being told that i should leave and not look back by them. I decided to play every card and took my image of myself and placed myself with them, a few weeks later i was rejected when trying to make a romantic advancement and she said don't touch me.
That night I knew I was hurt so while the world around me was still moving, my world stopped & I got the feeling that I miss myself because I put myself into that relationship so when things ended I felt like a part of me was missing. I still havent recovered and other relationships I began were burdened because my heart would start pumping very quick when the attempt or even the thought of intimacy brought pure anxiety with high heartrate which sometimes made me feel like I was no longer in control and pure sadness.
This was over 3 years ago and even though i grew up since then, I neglect to talk to people about how deeply this hurt me. Instead i prefer to turn to entertainment and other means to keep me distracted. I understand that its not healthy to bury emotions but how can I get rid of the thought or even them when to this day I believe they are the most beautiful person I've laid eyes on. Despite being left and extremely hurt, if they were to come back and ask to mend things I would have to be very convinced because I do not believe they actually cared about me they just cared about not being bored in that time of their life. I'm an excellent person 10/10 and I know I'm hot but why would they pick this new person who likes to lie and con people to get when they want. I dont understand it but I understand that I'm hrt and theese other relationships that I had to end because I couldnt handle their intimacy left behind lasting scars on the other person.

I used to believe that it would be like having a fairy tale meeting my future wife and it forsure felt like that. But what remains is only my broken heart and those other relationships i thought someone else could sew back together (permenantly) and that someone else but the only thing that worked is breaking their heart and putting them in a place that from a certain pov can be seen as me when I had my heart broken. I'm here wasting my time jobless on this website and I'm a legit person. There is a reason why certain suicide rates are so high.

Try being nice and kind to anyone that crosses your path and the reason I love other people is because my largest enemy is myself, and i really feel like its my fault that I cause me to feel that. I hope someone else will read this and be able to relate with me. I want you to be alive, and please make sure to take care of yourself.
487 days ago
I’m still in a relationship with her we had a couple of fights which left us both som sadness and it left me to the point I feel really hurt and brokenhearted I just hope these stupid feelings will go away soon ik she loves me very much and I’ve had also sum uh feelings of numbness that come and go but now these broken feelings come up every time she’s in my mind it feels like somebody is stabbing me in the chest and idk what to do I don’t wanna leave her but at the same time idk but I wanna stay I have never had such strong love for anyone before and I wanna go back to our wonderful connection
513 days ago
I know y’all say family first but let me get this straight I don’t even put allah (god) above him and I’m just a bich to him
513 days ago
I know y’all say family first but let me get this straight I don’t even put allah (god) above him and I’m just a 💗 to him
516 days ago
3 days ago I was broken up with…He said he had loved me for over a year until he confessed. We started dating and everything was perfect. Our families liked each other, we communicated great, and we had an amazing and loving relationship… I left for family stuff a month ago. I spent my last day with him and we where having our final goodbyes before we would see each other again. Well when I got back a week ago he was distant. I tried to hang out but he always said he was busy. And I had finally gotten to hang out with him at his sisters reception. It was perfect or so I thought. We went on a hike the next day and when we where going back to his house he let the bomb drop… he started to consider breaking up with me the day I left… he gave the excuse of “it’s not you it’s me. I’m a lone wolf and I have learned I am better off alone” I said I understood and dropped him off and cried on the way home. I texted his best friend to let him know and he told me that didn’t sound like him so he questioned him. He told his best friend I was driving him crazy and he was unhappy. The unhappy part I can understand but why didn’t he communicate with me? My best friend texted him asking for his side and he told her it was “family stuff” and that he couldn’t be the support I needed. Keep in mind we where calling each other the love of our lives on the 4th and he dumped me on the 10th… I don’t know what happened but it shattered me. I trusted him and he has broken me…
548 days ago
Why this happen??.??.?
574 days ago
576 days ago
It's crazy how someone can't just hurt a person, and pretend like nothing happen

I loved her, gave her my all, I tried to make it work, but I failed and it cost me my heart, it shattered to pieces every time I try to put them together everything shatters over and over again. So I just stopped trying to fix everything I'm done it is what it is...I guess. Love is a curse disguised to look wonderful with hope, happiness and when it's over, you're just left there all alone tryna make sense of it. Hits hard especially when you're an overthinker.
585 days ago
I want to dieeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee
591 days ago
My result is a few hundred pieses I knew that there is someone make him happy i don't know how to let go /i can't let go he was my first crush /strong crush but he just ignore me so it really hurts couse I like him i can't say it in front of him
And it's like I'm invisible to him
(Can you pls give me some advice)...
628 days ago
My results said A few hundred pieces broken that’s probably right because I have loved her and I still love her and she doesn’t like me back I’m female btw
664 days ago
My results were half-broken. Sounds about right with situation from 6 months ago. One step at a time to heal... one step at a time... but heart broken takes me a long time to be honest, even if it was a brief relationship.

And it doesn't change my other broken heart with the passing of my grandma when this year started... So I still feel two broken hearts but one is far more greater then the other.

Otherwise, thanks for the self-test quiz. It truly does take time to heal, and for some of us like myself, possibly more time which is OK.
667 days ago
We were never dating but they were the biggest crush I’ve ever had. I loved them for a long time, and I was committed to them. I’ve always been scared of commitment, but I knew if I got in a relationship with them, I’d keep my commitment and love them forever. Deep stuff, huh- well, I found out he liked someone else :’) now it wasn’t a HUGE deal, I guess I’m just overreacting… anyway, I walked away with a ‘smile’ on my face, and burst into tears. I couldn’t stop choking on my breaths because I was sobbing so hard. I literally gave the, everything my heart had to offer. Anyway, I got shattered heart, ye.