Am I Heartbroken? 💔

Breakups can be tough and often leave us feeling lost and shattered. It's completely natural to struggle with letting go of someone you once loved deeply. Whether you recently experienced a breakup or you're still carrying the emotional weight from a past relationship, this quiz is here to help you gauge where you are in your healing journey.
Are you ready to discover where your heart truly stands? Let's get started!

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    How much do you think about him/her?

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683 days ago
I had the biggest crush on my female teacher. Her mind eyes and her sweet smile. I never felt that way about anyway before. She was the sun and light. I had to leave the school though since I graduated 1 year ago. Sometimes I feel like I’m falling but others I’m okay
695 days ago
My boyfriend just dumped me 2 days ago, over text. I was on a family holiday, checked my phone after coming back from the beach and then broke. I hadn't seen him for maybe a month but was well in truly in love with him. We hadn't been dating for long however all of last year we had a "thing" (filrty) we had known that we had liked eachother since may 2021. I wanted to tell him I loved him since June but he was against "love" yet was into lovey dovey stuff? I am half broken, meaning I will get better and if I ever see him again I will most likely break but for the moment I'm working on myself new year new start, new hotties to chase after😅 (dont comeat me for that I am just joking) Xx from one anonymous to the next
721 days ago

hi everyone!

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723 days ago
i love this person they shattered me but we're still friends
740 days ago
ive healed since i last took this,298 days. thats how long it happy that ive moved and and that he has too but sometimes i wish we still messed with eachother.he may had shattered me but i got through it. "my heart is cracked" but thats fine
760 days ago
Shattered heart, I loved them so much I still do
764 days ago
Someone please help me , i dont feel like living anymore
771 days ago
First of all, I'm not really fitted into this category of being broken-hearted person. A friend literally pressures me to confess to her and reveal who's my crush. Then, she said that person has a relationship with someone, which I already knew before because of stalking online. After all of that, she always calls me "broken" in messenger. BTW,I literally don't want anyone to reciprocate me or I don't feel the need to. It's just I wanted myself to forget the person a year ago. Though, I've learned that my mind can't do that. He is the only person that can make me feel this way, and I never want to disturb him...
778 days ago
So for me I dated a guy on and of for 1 year I was in a really bad place mentally so I broke up with him. Well he turned into a player but I few weeks ago I kind of got better so we wanted to try again to see if it would work again well turned out he just wanted to get his revenge! I mean it did hurt a lot i just don’t know how to get over him since well… we are kind of best friends now I know him my whole life so it was harder to just cut him out of my life I can’t do that it just hurts to much! But I am braking by keeping him close to HELP !!

Btw sry for the rant my friends don’t even know how to help😭
788 days ago
i am in high school n i have been dating the same boy for about 5 years and everything was great.... ik he cheated on me with other girls and he disrespected my family but i was still with his srry ass. the up until now he spreads rumors about me n 💗shaming me for no reason cause i wanted to break up with him..... a few weeks ago my best friend was "talking to him" and i felt a little jelly but didnt care but i warned her and she came up to me crying saying i was right n a few days later i find out shes dating him..... so much for a best friend... but im still waiting to laugh in her face n say "i told u so"......(srry for the side rant) but yeh im damged both inside n out
799 days ago
well tbh it was just different. i never liked a person as much as them... and still never have. ever since day 1 till now, remembering everything all the times we had together.. it just meant everything to me and the best times of my life. i would still do anything to be with them and im in the middle of deciding
a. waiting
b. moving on
i tried b but everything just reminded me of them... and it hurts. everyday i remember them when they probably arent even thinking of me tho-
i cant imagine what itd be like if it werent them... i never been like this before. like why did i have to fall for someone this hard..
this is why i was scared to fall for them.. just the hurt and yet still wanting to be with them. its what i hate. its the fact thatd id still be with them even after all this.
if i could tell them something right now... itd be "im sorry i love you, weirdo"
814 days ago
I was with him for 6 months only to find out I was never alone he cheated through out our relationship and I didn’t know ! I’m healing . I know I deserve way better than what he gave me. I’m better off without him . I will be happy soon .
818 days ago
Someone should tell me how to get over her.
826 days ago
It says that my heart is shatterd and to talk to someone who cares. But they were the only one that cared. I don't know what to do.
851 days ago
3 years ago it was awesome, and then i choose to cut everything but came back after,same level of fun. I thought that we'll become a couple, that he would ask me out but nothing. A girl just popped out of nowhere and the end.
Hard. I sometimes have some hope that he'll realize something, but after high school he said that he's gonna move in with her. Just gonna wait for their marriage, and i bet i'm gonna be their groomsman.
856 days ago
i knew him for 8 months. i was heartbroken because he left and moved away, and until now i guess i was fine but then today it rained and i was alone at my house and i just began to cry because it all reminded me of that sad day - the last time i ever saw him. anyway good luck guys!
872 days ago
I was with him for almost 8 months. Was even best friends with his family and then he broke up with me and the next day I saw him with another girl. I’m still cracked but I like to think it was for the best, everything happens for a reason❤️❤️
877 days ago
I was with him for 6 months and he randomly broke up with me ~
885 days ago
Love it!It help me alot!
889 days ago
Well, it's over 2 years and it hasn't improved, time isn't helping, I don't have anybody I can talk to she was my best friend, I am an atheist, so god isn't a thing, I have felt too much pain already, struggling to find the lesson I really tried everything.Distance myself from the things that remind me most of her, what, like our children? Al the stuff I had to take because I don't have money to replace it? No advice that is helpful to me there,