Am I Heartbroken? 💔

Breakups can be tough and often leave us feeling lost and shattered. It's completely natural to struggle with letting go of someone you once loved deeply. Whether you recently experienced a breakup or you're still carrying the emotional weight from a past relationship, this quiz is here to help you gauge where you are in your healing journey.
Are you ready to discover where your heart truly stands? Let's get started!

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    How much do you think about him/her?

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1253 days ago
I didn't cry because of her, I cried because of what happened with her. we both got banned by our parents from seeing each other, I haven't seen her since last week. I gave her a hickey and she gave me one and we got banned from seeing eachother… but my parents didn't care when it was a boy. it just breaks my heart and im feeling ain I shouldn't feel at 14 years old.
1263 days ago
I have loved and even loving him for 6 years but he don't dare to talk with me and sometimes i even think he does not consider me as his classmate. We had many memories in class we're in class 9. I don't have anyone to share my feelings and this one-side relation is totally a secret to my parents and family i can do is to cry silently every night and whenever i am alone........i need someone to speak to.....
1266 days ago
I know im young.. but im completely falling down a black hole of just nothingness. Drowning in a Ocean of thoughts. I dont know what to do anymore. And i dont know- I-Im just breakfast Inside....
We say we are fine but what we realymean is... someone... please.. Help me...
1286 days ago
I'm breaking inside and I don't know what to do..
1319 days ago
I've had a crush on him for 7 years. I never confessed my feelings because he's been my brothers best friend for 12 years and his family is like our family and I don't want to ruin anything but it's so hard. Every time I see him he's SO mean and I begin to fall out of love with him but then he does something or says something so nice to me that I fall right back in love. I just wish I knew what he thought of me. I'm 99.9% sure he hates me, but I can't help but have hope. I've seen him have a crush on every single girl at our Church except for me. A few years ago, my best friend told me she loved him. I told her I'd back off. She told me after I told her how I felt. My heart was shattering because a few years before that I overheard him tell my brother he liked her. She stopped liking him very fast, and recently we were playing t or d with my other friends and they asked me who I liked and I said "Keller" and they were surprised I still liked him. They all think he is a douche but he's... idk... perfect? The fact that he can speak his mind and not care what people think in this world where everything has to be pc is... nice. My sister was even surprised she said "Him? But he's a jerk!" and I said "yeah I know." and she laughed saying "I love that you admit that but still like him" and the thing is I don't know what to do!! I don't even know if I love him or if its the fact that he was my first and only crush that I just feel attached to him. He's 4 years older then me and I don't even know if thats okay. I'd have to wait till I was 18 to be in a relationship with him and he'd probably already be in one by then. Love or whatever this is is hard and stupid and frustrating and painful and wonderful and beautiful and amazing... Liking a guy for years will confuse you, especially when you know he'll never like you back. I have feelings for him, and I've accepted the fact that he doesn't have any for me, I'll bury my feelings deep inside, I'll lie when people ask if I'm okay, I'll watch as he falls head over heels for a girl and I'll keep my mouth shut, but that doesn't mean I'll be crying when no one is looking. If I have to be miserable for him to be happy, so be it. He comes before everything, and I won't let my happiness get in the way of his.
1348 days ago
I gave him my all. I did everything I could to keep him happy. I was my happiest with him, HE wrote me notes all the time which I still read over every night and cry. They were all about our love and future. We did everything together. Thou we are only teens.. ive never felt this way toward anyone at all . We argued a lot tho... but we both fought for each other each time we never gave up because we knew we had too much already planned for now and later. I then realized he looks better w/o me so i broke up with him because of that. he kept begging to be together but i tried my hardest to make him stop. Now, he hates me.. and even admitted to me he's way happier w/o me. i acted like i was fine and told him ''i told you so.'' even though i want to be in him arms right now and i miss him vv much. i love you...
1360 days ago
I had a guy I was seeing when I was 17 but we stopped as he told me he had a girlfriend
I was heartbroken but we recently tried again but that last fight we had, he jumped at the chance to separate. It hurt a little since I had braced myself for something like this.
1367 days ago
I dated her for 6 months, she broke up with me on Valentine’s Day for my best friend...I’ve been broken for 2 years and I just feel like I’m just a worthless depressed man over a girl, and even when I try to tell people about it, they just say I hope you feel better, and I just feel loss now I’m a cinder while seeing all of my friends dating girls and everytime I see her, my head goes heavy and my heart hurts to death...🖤
1401 days ago
I broke up with my bf of 5months (our history goes much further back than that) he cheated on me, only a small thing he did but it completely broke me I
1403 days ago
a few hundred pieces broken.
yep i agree
1406 days ago
My crush hates me he told it straight to my face it's been a few weeks he diyed his hair red pinkish on the ends and now he's dating my best friend I just want to die
1421 days ago
my crush is with another girl 💔
he seems so happy
i feel compeletey numb and unfeeling for some reason. not sad, but not happy either. i feel blank.
1422 days ago
I am hurt by alot more then a break up family loss lost of custody of my daughter neglect😻 abandonment, ect.
1453 days ago
He loves me a lot and can't see me with any other boy even if he's a casual friend. Earlier i denied his thoughts thinking that he's being extra protective but noe i feel how much he loved me..i understood this when i felt the same pain when i saw him with other girls...we broke up..but even se still loves me and im feeling kinda guilt for supressing hi thoughts...plzzz tell me now what should i do?
1454 days ago
My crush that I'm friends with rejected me, it's been kind of awkward ever since I confessed to him and today he told my friend that he hates me, idk if he's joking or not. What do I do ahhh
1458 days ago
He caused the most beautiful and pure thing I’ve ever felt but also the worst feeling I’ve ever had. Once I lost him I lost myself and I don’t know how to find me again. I’m lost and everyplace, everyone and everything reminds me of him. Wish we’ve never met.
1465 days ago
I know I’m shattered I gave them my heart my health I now take anti depressants so I can feel better but it’s not working

We just to be good friends but now he’s just not liking me at all dosent he know he’s hurting me like this
1469 days ago on instagram was my baby i love him so much he is and was my everything. I could never live without him. He bought joy when I was stressed, and made my tears dry when i was sad. I could never love no one else. And that's why I'm a hundred pieces cracked
1501 days ago
He's said he caught feelings for someone else. A million pieces broken
1503 days ago
Test results: a few hundred pieces broken. I don't know whether it's standard or not, but I feel even sadder at the fact that he doesn't remember me at all, while it's the opposite for me. Move on you pathetic wimp go pour that love to someone else. I hate myself. 💔