Am I Handsome?

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This quiz was created by a girl, so you'll be evaluated according to girl standards. You'll also find out what kind of girls find you attractive. That's news you can use, I'm sure (or you wouldn't be checking out my quiz!). Good luck and have fun! Share with your friends who want to know whether they are handsome!

  • 1
    What color is your hair?
    What color is your hair?
  • 2
    What color are your eyes?
  • 3
    Which of these best describes your body type?

  • 4
    Which of these activities do you like best?
  • 5
    Which of these activities do you participate in most?
  • 6
    How many girls are you dating right now?

  • 7
    What middle school stereotype are you?
  • 8
    How many girl friends (not girlfriends) do you have?
  • 9
    How many girls like you?
  • 10
    How many girls do you like?

Comments (53)


26 days ago
For 30% you are: Ready for your result? You're not so attractive. Sorry about the tough love, but you currently are a turnoff for girls. You probably won’t be noticed unless someone decides to use you to make someone else jealous. I don’t think anyone wants to date you, but maybe one person does. Try to figure out what might be putting girls off. If it's your personality, the good news is you can change it pretty significantly just by knowing how to do things differently. Ask a girl friend to tell you, HONESTLY, what the other girls say about you. If it's your looks that makes girls pass you by, the good news is, simple updates like a different haircut and/or some more stylish clothes can do wonders. Actually, looks are an easier fix than personality - but changing one or both for the better will lift your confidence. And that, my friend, is always attractive. Good luck!
30 days ago
I have never been complimented on my physical appearance, except maybe my eyes when I was like 7 but that has stopped. I know I am ugly. Let's make an honest analysis (done by me) of my face. I have very short coarse and dry black hair, which can never be brushed. I have a normal forehead (except that I have acne and pimples on it.) My black eyebrows are very very very very very thick, and that's what I get commented on (not in a good way) the most. My eyes are normal. My nose is too big and arched. My skin is always so oily even when I apply facial wash. I have this very thin moustache that I hate but I (for reasons I will explain later on) can't shave. My lips and teeth are normal. My jawline is not too bad. My ears are normal, except if you focus in them for too long you will notice they're slightly big. I am very skinny and I always wear layers of clothes to hide that. I'm also very hairy which I UTTERLY HATE SO MUCH. Unnecessary and weird but let's just say that certain parts of my body that are very important and located in the groin do not fit the standard for men.

All this is pretty good reason for me to think I am ugly. I can't shave my mustache or my bodily hair because my mom (I'm a teenager) does not allow it. Usually I don't really care about it too much, but recently I overheard my best friend making fun of how I look and it hurt me. I have also moved to a new school and (because everyone in my old school was used to how I look this to me by surprise) avoided me. I sit next to no one. I am not the silent kid, I'm generally very active in class, but I literally have no friends and it's like the 8th week of school already. Some may say I'm just some immature complaining teenager, and to some level I am, but I just hate it all so much.
37 days ago
44 days ago
It says I'm 🔥 oof-
51 days ago
30% that I'm SO CUTE, and 30% that I'm ugly, WHAT?!
57 days ago
All I want is the truth about me am I handsome or not ?
64 days ago
I am average. I don't yet need love but if I do I know how to do it for the moment though, I'm happy
72 days ago
Omg I'm hot and most girls like me whom I know almost everyone wow that's the one I wasn't sure about almost every girl likes me and finds me hot thanks for that
78 days ago
I'm cute :")
99 days ago
I'm Hot Coooool
118 days ago
They said I was hot and a chick magnet... even though nobody that I know of likes me.
118 days ago
It’s says that I am cute. Not a chick magnet, but I should look out for the one nerdy but cute girl. The girl that I like is nerdy, cute, sport, sweet, and pretty. So I don’t know if that counts as she likes me or she’s different then what the test says.
138 days ago
I have Brown eyes but they are kinda shiny (many girls complimented me on that) some girls have also proposed me, their was this one 9/10 chick which I really liked but was not able to propose, after like an year, I got her number and proposed her, she told me that she liked me earlier but now she has a bf
151 days ago
I would not take this test seriously guys because I took this test for my boyfriend who is so pretty that a girl has to be rather pretty to be as good looking as him and his result was average (you could not be more wrong). I have some advise for you also: what makes my boyfriend even more attractive is the fact that he hates all the attention he gets from girls (every girl he has ever met and also many strangers throw themselves at him- that is, apart from me and two other decent girls) and that he is charming, a gentleman and also intelligent. Looks are far from everything, especially if you have a wonderful personality. If a girl is really worth knowing, she will love you for who you are- not how you look. Lack of vanity also makes you attractive- my boyfriend is literally perfect to look at apart from his teeth which are crooked but because he is not vain enough to get them straightened, they make him even more perfect. When I say lack of vanity I do not mean lack of vital hygiene or dressing in anything that comes close to fitting though. I hope this is useful.
154 days ago
Woah woah woah. You just said I was hot. What???
There os this one girl who i really like who mihht like me back im rlly positive
168 days ago
I got 40% which is totally unreasonable, ALL ANSWERS WOULD BE, since we are all unique and your physique cannot determine how handsome you are. Yes it is a contributing factor but not nearly as important as yourself on the inside! (From a guys perspective) Also for any girls out there reading this, GUYS DON'T CARE AS MUCH ABOUT LOOKS AS SCRIPTED IN STEREOTYPICAL MOVIES!!! We love all parts of the female body and size's do not matter (much).
170 days ago
I got 70% and it says im HOT, HOT, HOT, so lucky me! hehe
179 days ago
I got 40%
Atleast it is good than my real life
Btw I don't have any friend which is a girl but I have many friends as boy and I am happy to have that
Don't mislead I am a normal guy
179 days ago
i got 40% so that's good i guess
188 days ago
I Think I am not so attractive, but still some girls sometimes look at me.