Are You Top or Bottom Gay? Quiz with Scenarios

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So, you finally figured out that you're gay (or maybe you always knew). But you're still wondering: "Am I a top, or a bottom?" Or maybe you didn't wonder until you saw this quiz's headline! Whatever the case is, you can find out right now by answering these fun scenario questions! I looked and looked for a good, NSFW Top or Bottom Gay test with scenarios, but never found one. I finally decided to make my own! I hope it helps you!

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    You go for a run and notice a really good-looking guy running, too. What happens?
    You go for a run and notice a really good-looking guy running, too. What happens?
  • 2
    Your roommate has just taken a shower. He forgot his towels and now he's quickly walking to his room, completely nude. He's pointy hard, and he notices you are watching him. What attitude from him would turn you on the most?
  • 3
    Your bff has astounding abs. He's really proud of them and asks everyone if they want to touch them. He asks you. You?

  • 4
    Your big, awesome-looking roommate tells you that he's "exploring his sexuality." You really think he could be bi, if not gay. He says he thinks he could understand himself better by giving it a try, but he's always been a hetero top. Your reaction?
  • 5
    You're at a party and a little girly guy asks you out. You:
  • 6
    You wake up from a heavy-drinking party night. You are lying next to a really good-looking man. You can easily touch his lover parts; in fact, you already have them in your hand. You:

  • 7
    Your best girlfriend asks you to join her in a foursome. Which part of this idea turns you on the most?
  • 8
    If I say BDSM, the first thing you think of is:
  • 9
    A group of your friends presents you with a dildo for your birthday. They don't actually know that you're gay; they just wanted to make you laugh. You:
  • 10
    A friend asks you to take a bottom gay scenario test. You take it, then you:

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22 days ago
103 days ago
Good reminder that consensual👮is the only valid sex, anyway, i’m definitely a switch, but I lean top for sure, no doubt.
167 days ago
it says I'm switch, but I know with a guy I'm always the bottom
201 days ago
You're a good switch with a bit of bottom attitude. You love to be a plaything, but sometimes want to be the player and the one on top. Best of both worlds, no regrets.
322 days ago
Switch, but bottom attitude. I prefer being bottom too, so thats nice
338 days ago
on second thought, i would gladly be top or bottom. i would really prefer top but a good time would include playing all parts. i could enjoy any and all of that!!
371 days ago
I am a top and want to put that to use. I only want to be a top. I am a gay male top.
751 days ago
"You're a good switch with a bit of top attitude. You love to have the lead but you also sometimes enjoy to be played with. Both of worlds, no regrets."
so accurate, im 75% top and 25% bottom i think
760 days ago
is this only sex? also, i'm not gay, just checking.
767 days ago
ewwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww gross!