How do you express your affection?
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How do you express your affection?

Each person loves in her own way: are you passionate, romantic, rational or instable?

Question 1:You wake up in the morning feeling dizzy and tired. This is going to be a long day. You think:
I'll make myself some orange juice to freshen up!
I'll just stay in bed for a few more minutes...
I'll get out of bed and get on with my day, what else?
I'll get some biscuits to be in a happy mood.

Question 2:You get out of the house and start walking towards the bus station, when suddenly a running man hits you and almost knocks you over. What do you do?
Run after him and see who he is.
Joke about it;
Turn around and look after him angrily.
Shout at him!

Question 3:You get on the bus. What do you think about when you see the people inside?
I'd like to meet some of them!
Try to enter a conversation.
I try to notice their perfumes and clothes;
I listen to what they are saying.

Question 4:You get off the bus and realise you arrived too early for your visit. What do you do?
You take a walk in the park nearby, waiting to find someone you know.
You wait on a nearby bench.
You are glad because you have time to send the letter you forgot to send yesterday;
You start walking, to pass the time, and notice everything you see on the street.

Question 5:You finally arrive at your friends' house, you ring, and for a long time there is no answer. You think:
Maybe something bad happened and they had to leave.
Maybe they forgot I was coming.
Maybe the doorbell doesn't work.
Maybe I caught them in a bad moment.

Question 6:Finally, someone answers and you come in. You feel good and relaxed with your friends and enjoy the visit. At the table, you think:
The food is so good, I'd like to eat everything!
I wonder what's for desert.
I mustn't eat too much;
I compliment the cook for the food;

Question 7:You say goodbye to your friends and invite them over to your house as well. They don't seem too enthusiastic about it. As you get out, you:
Notice, but don't really care about that little detail.
Think that they're avoiding you.
Think that they were having a good reason for their behaviour.
Don't even notice their lack of enthusiasm.

Question 8:As you get out of their building, you see a young couple pass by, very much in love. You:
Think about your girlfriend/boyfriend.
Think love is beautiful.
Notice, but stay focused on other matters.
Smile at them.

Question 9:Upon returning to your house, you remember that you have to finish a report for your boss. You:
You decide not to do it, and think about an explanation tomorrow.
Start working, although you don't feel like it.
Start working right away - the sooner it's finished, the better!
Leave it - you can do it later.

Question 10:Before going to bed, you:
Read a good book.
Dream with your eyes open about what you are going to do tomorrow.
Wash the dishes and check the door to see if it's closed.
Shuffle some magazines.

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