The ManEater Test
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The ManEater Test

Do you take men in, chew on them for a bit...and then spit then right back out again? You’re the Cruella DeVille of the Love Boat? Think so?! Well, find out with this unique test, designed to tell you how much of a man eater you really are!!

Question 1:How old are you?

Question 2:Are you single at the moment?
No, I've been with my partner for as long as I can remember...come to think of it, I think we even dated at Infants school.
No, but I can't help wondering what fun I might have if I wasn't.
Yes, for now..............I work hard and play even harder....but I suppose there will come a time when I want to settle down.
Of course.....relationships are for the weak-minded........If I have my way I'd stay single forever....much more fun.

Question 3:Which of the following statements most closely represents your views on marriage
Marriage?! I don't even know how to spell the word...........In fact I don't think I wanna know either.......... you'll never catch me walking down the aisle! I could never promise to stay wth the same man for the rest of my life
I am completely in love and just know this relationship will end up with a's the traditional way of life after all.....we are in love and marriage is the most obvious declaration of one's love for another.
Well, I am with someone at the moment, and I think it'd be nice to get married one day.........I won't be making any rash decisions though.
I see marriage as a ploy for big company's to make thousands of pounds out of you...........and anyway, if you love somebody that much, why pay for the piece of paper to prove it?

Question 4:Have you ever had a one-night stand?
Never! I've been brought up to believe that all a first date should consist of is an early film and being walked home by 9pm.
No, I've always been doubtful of them...........although I do sometimes feel a bit left out when I hear my friends talking of theirs
Yeah, but only when I was on holiday with my friends.....
Every weekend!!!! Men are good for one thing and one thing only, and that's to boost my ego! Although, I wouldn't call them one-night stands - they don't usually last all night do they?!

Question 5:What is the longest period of time you have stayed with one person for?
5 years+
1-5 years
Less than one year
Less than one month
Less than one week!

Question 6:You are at a nightclub, and after a few drinks you're dancing....a man sidles up to you and starts dancing very close to your rear. Do you...
Burst into tears and run for the nearest toilet?
Slap him around the face and warn him that your boyfriend will hound him down for touching his girlfriend?
Go with the flow and carry on dancing - after all you're only out to have a good time.
Immediately turn around, grab your 'victim' by the collar and get your tongue ready for some action, before getting ready to pounce on the next unsuspecting prey?

Question 7:You have been going out with your boyfriend for just over two months, and when inviting you to meet his family for the first time, you discover that his brother is the most gorgeous bloke you've ever laid eyes on. To make matters worse, his brother has propositioned you.....would you like to disappear with him for an hour or so....??
I'd never dream of cheating on my boyfriend with anyone, let alone his brother..... loyalty is my middle name.
Even though I may find him attractive, that would be the end of it....looking and touching are two different things.....after all how would I feel if the roles were reversed?
Hmmm, I'd definately be tempted......If my boyfriend were never to find out, then I couldn't promise I wouldn't...
Of course I'd go for the brother! I'd probably even check the dad out while I was there's too short. I want to experience a little bit of everything!

Question 8:You're in a nightclub and throughtout the course of the night you've been approached by 3 good looking men, who've all offered you there number. Do you...
Bluntly refuse the numbers, and exit the nightclub immediately after making your mind up that nightclubs definately aren't your thing?
I may take one of their numbers....but definately not all of them!
I'd take each of their numbers, flirt with them all for a bit.......and then wait to see which one stood out most in mind in the morning.
Telephone numbers? After making each of them buy me a few drinks, I'd make them write the phone numbers on my tonsils with their tongue!

Question 9:You've been seeing a man for almost a month, and you know that he is completely smitten with you. He is at your house one night, and out of the blue he tells you he loves you and asks if you want to move in together. Do you...?
Say yes, You've been waiting since your second date for him to ask....
Say you'll think about it, and tell him that you love him too...
Say you need some time to think about it, but make a mental note to yourself that you will never see this man again...
Laugh in his face and physically remove him from your could you bring other men back to your place if you're living with someone?

Question 10:You're just about to go out for a night with the girls......what are you wearing?
A double-breasted blouse, coupled with an ankle length pleated Tweed skirt, with your hair pulled back by an Alice Band.
A formal suit........I like to look smart wherever I'm going.
A black PVC catsuit..................with matching pussy-cat wanna get noticed.
As little as possible........hotpants, thigh high boots and a boob tube........something that makes the men beg at their knees and shows the world who's in control.

Question 11:Which of the following statements most closely describes your ideal man...?
I want to be treated like a lady...................I'm very old-fashioned, so a man must have his manners........looks don't bother me at all.
First and foremost they must know how to treat a woman......but of course They'd have to be good looking though.......................
Who cares? A man is a man.......they all get the same treatment.......they come my way, then hit the highway!
Rough n rugged......................the diet coke man........................bronzed and muscly, with dark hair and stubble....Mmmmmm!

Question 12:Which of the following statements most closely resembles your attitude towards men?
Men are the superior sex and always will be. They are the bread-winners.......I certainly know my place in society.
Men do appear to be the more superior and intelligent sex.....after all which sex make the better chefs??
I think we are a race where both sexes are 'equally' as important. One sex simply could not survive without the other!
The female species are by far the elite gender. Men make appearances in my life for one thing, and one thing pleasure

This Quiz has been designed by Sara Hawkins.