What flavor lover are YOU?
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What flavor lover are YOU?

It's all about style...your tastes in the bedroom (or kitchen...or bathroom...) determine your sexual FLAVOR in this intriguing quiz!

Question 1:How would your ideal date with your chosen victim...I mean...'sweetheart' go?
Flowers at the front door, and later a romantic meal...
Meet at a bar somewhere.
A movie...and then see where the evening goes from there.
Straight to bed.

Question 2:How is your ideal victim...I mean date...dressed?
Jeans and a casual top
Smart, formal 'going-out-to-dinner' wear. (suit or dress)
They brought CLOTHES??????

Question 3:How long do you know a person before things get 'intimate'?
3 or 4 dates.
It would depend on the lenght of the engagement, I guess...
About a month or two.
I was meant to KNOW them???

Question 4:How sexual do you consider YOURSELF?
Mioawww..I'm a likkle puddy tat
I'm the biggest, baddest ,beast in the jungle!
I'm pretty tame, but I can WILD it up when I want to...
*checks for a pulse*

Question 5:If your sexual-side had a colour, what would it be?

Question 6:What do you usually wear to bed?
Pyjamas (or some specifically comfy sleep-clothes)
something silky
whips, chains, leather, rubber...whatever's closest!
I'm Nekkid! I'm Nekkid!

Question 7:What does your bedtime repertoire consist of?
Oh Baby! yes! Yes! YES!............zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz
Nice cup of cocoa and some snuggles with my darlin'.
Glass of milk and a good book.
snuggle up in front of the TV and fall asleep on the sofa,

Question 8:Be at one with nature for a moment! What grabs you?
a single red rose....
a big bunch of daisies!
an exotic cactus with vivid pink blossoms!
a withered-up cabbage leaf

Question 9:Sexually, do you initiate things?
Hell yes, all the damned time.
They tied me up to calm me down, but it only made me more excited.
hmmmmmmm..sometimes I initiate proceedings, but it's about equal, really.
Go away. I'm asleep.

Question 10:AFTER you have made love (ahem!) what do you do?
Go sound asleep.
Make tea/coffee and have a chat.
Start again.
get out of the cab.

Question 11:How many sexual partners by the age of 30? (rough estimate?)
None, if I have my way. Bwahahahahaha
One. I only need one. I only want one.
Ah well, a few anyhow. y'know, for variety and erm...research...
So many lovers, so little time! Right! Take a ticket and line up alphabetically.

Question 12:How often would you be happy to engage in erm...the art of coupling?
I TOLD you, I'm ASLEEP!!!
A few times a week.
A few times a month.
A few times a day.
A few times an hour.

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