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What's Love Is True What's True Is GOD!!!!

Question 1:Do you feel love has to be in a physical way?
If the sex is off track I’ll find another train to get a ride on.
I can be mentally satisfied and a non physical way
I prefer a total package.

Question 2:What best suits your preference?
Life is 10% what you make it and 90% how you take it
I’m 51% sweetheart and 49% bitch
I am tired of looking for my night a shining armor! Now I am looking for a stockbroker in a Mercedes’!

Question 3:What type of qualities do you look for in someone?
Self confidence
Physical attraction
Laid back and awareness
Physical attraction and personality

Question 4:Can you love more than one person at the same time
Sometimes things happen

Question 5:When it’s enough in a rocky relationship I’ll.
Start dating others until am set to leave
Make sure am leaving with more than I started with
Make sure it's known the end is here and move on.

Question 6:How do you explain attraction?
Associating horniness with a particular person.
Subconsciously motivated changes in your expressions and speech and movement.
Considering taking on-and for your instinctive reluctance to do something.

Question 7:How would you describe low self–esteem?
Someone who have difficulty looking you directly in the eyes.
Someone who dates only those who are married.
Some one who would not make emotional demands to please them.

Question 8:What would you call dating?
The process of spending enormous amounts of money.
Time and energy to get better acquainted.
The times to export your sexual needs and lay out personal preferences.

Question 9:Which one best suits you?
When I have feelings toward someone I play hard to get.
When I feel toward someone I’ll allow him or her to take charges and I’ll do very little talking.
When I feel toward someone I’ll make sure I stand out where I'll be noticed.
None of the above

Question 10:How do you differentiate love with lust?
They both carry the same protégé
If all you want is sex I call lust
Desire that is either out of bounds or out of balance.

This Quiz has been designed by Lawrence C Jackson.