Grrrr! Which love animal are YOU?
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Grrrr! Which love animal are YOU?

Many think of tigers or wild horses with sex, but what about the humping rhinos from the Discovery Channel? Find out which bedroom animal you are!

Question 1:What is your ideal bedroom attire for yourself or your partner
Something lacy, frilled - very elegant and sensual
Spikes, chains, and lots of leather!
An old sweatshirt and cotton panties works for me.....
Nothing, they need to be ready to rumble!

Question 2:Your partner brings a can of whipped cream and a blindfold into bed, what is your response?
Me first! Me first!
I hope you're not even THINKING about having sex tonight.
Well....I guess we could try it.
No cuffs with this?

Question 3:What is your favorite part of the body for your ideal mate?
Eyes: they show the soul
Chest, gotta have a nice chest!
Hands, they speak of what's to come!
Butt. If you don't have one, you're not the One.

Question 4:Which song would you love to make love to?
Tonight's The Night: Rod Stewart
What Kind of Love Are You On: Aerosmith
Music, what music?
Miles Davis's 'Blue in Green'

Question 5:Your ideal bedroom setting is
Fluffy pillows, warm covers, and lots of candlelight
The pullout couch works for me
Four poster bed equipped with chains, cuffs, and lots of lube
I don't need a setting for sex!

Question 6:Which celebrity would you love to share a one-night stand with?
Brad Pitt or Jennifer Anniston
Tommy Lee or Pamela Anderson
Tom Cruise or Nichole Kidman
Michael Jackson or Lisa Marie Presley

Question 7:What is your favorite sex toy?
A value-pack sized bottled of lube
Handcuffs. Oh, the possibilities!
I use a sex toy?

Question 8:A perfect dates consists of (a)
Candlelight dinner, dancing, and the theatre
Mountains, fishing, and swimming
Forget dates - let's meet at my place!
An amusement park followed by the beach

Question 9:The best part in a relationship is
Lots of deep, meaning conversations
Lots of laughs
Backrubs - need to have backrubs
Having your partner orgasm fulfills you

Question 10:You own
A few sex toys, but will only use them if he/she really wants to.
You name it, I got it!
Candles and hot fudge always seal the deal
Pay per View???

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