Are you rock star girlfriend material?

Always wondered if you have what it takes to be more than a groupie? Take this test to find out.

Question 1:Do you love music?
I listen to the radio sometimes.
I don't love it, but I have a good CD collection.
What's music?
I couldn't live without it.

Question 2:How often do you need your boyfriend around in a relationship? (after the puppy love stage)
Being apart for periods of time gives me time to myself.
He is the shark, I'm the fish that's stuck to him.
I can't take it for too long.

Question 3:Do you get jealous easily?
Depends on the situation.
I hate other women looking at my man.
Kill all women!!!
Nope, I cause other girls to get jealous.

Question 4:Do you need lots of attention in a relationship?
Gimmie Gimme!!
Nope. I don't love.
Yeah, but I could accept not being THE ONLY important thing.

Question 5:Let's say your boyfriend just played a show, a group of girls are surrounding him, all kinds are remarks are being made. You:
Get mad and act like one of them to keep watch.
Get upset, but understand it's part of the job and you're the one he's gonna bang after.
Break up with him.
Suck it up.

Question 6:At his shows you:
Drink all their beer, and eat their food. Hey, it's free.
Sit around and do nothing.
Don't go, he wouldn't want you around anyway.
Offer to help with merchandise, photography or anything that's needed to be more usefl.

Question 7:You see the band going in a bad direction, do you:
Call together a band meeting, and tell them your opinions.
Talk to your friends about it, but you don't haggle your boyfriend about it.
Write a couple songs, and insist they should sound like that.
Do nothing.

Question 8:Your boyfriend got offered a record deal that would mean he'd have to move away for a year. You:
Go with him, and live a little adventure on the side.
Stay behind and break up with him.
Stay, and keep a long distance relationship.
Go with him, but stress to make time together.

Question 9:You've been going out for 3 years, and he hasn't written one song for you. You feel:
Indifferent. It would be nice, but he gives you pleasure in other ways. Besides, it's his day job.
Like breaking up.
Like you're doing something wrong.

Question 10:Your boyfriend comes back from playing a horrible show, you:
Accuse him of cheating because he's not trying to get in your pants right away.
Ignore him, he's grumpy.
Go out and do some shopping.
Let him chill out a bit, give him a bath and massage later and let him get it off his chest.

This Quiz has been designed by Angie.