Are you ready for a relationship?
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Are you ready for a relationship?

If your parents don't let you date until your 16 because they say that you're not mature enough, take this quiz to find out. (Maybe you can prove them wrong!!!)

Question 1:You have a new crush.....
every day or two
every three days
about every week
every month or so
every couple of months to a year

Question 2:How many guys do you flirt with per day?
every guy I can find, duh!
Just my close guy friends
My brother's friends, can't go wrong there!
two or three
only my boyfriend, he gets jealous.

Question 3:Do you act nicer to your guys than you do to girls?
or course, guys don't like snobs. My friends are the only people that know the real me.
No. What's the point?
Sometimes. It's hard.

Question 4:When you go to a party, do you...
ditch your friends to go with any guy you can find?
hang out with guys and girls and see what happens from there?
flirt with as many guys as possible?
Stay as close to your best friend and your boyfriend?
Do what ever, each weekend is different.

Question 5:Your friends know you as...
the flirting queen
the semi-serious type
the serious type
the relationship goddess
the player

Question 6:Your parents think you are....
the dork with no friends, 'she'll never have a chance with any guys'
too immature for your age
very smart and responsible for your age, but you do have more crushed then fingers
Sort of responsible, you have your bad days, just like them.
trustworthy, and capable of a relationship. They'd let you date, but your sis blew it for you.

Question 7:How many different guys are featured on your walls?
only pictures of me and my boyfriend, duh!
My friends, flirting targets, and the odd picture of Ryan Phillippe.
like, a million different sexy actors, or course!
You've enlarged every pic of the last 14 crushes you've had in the past 14 days.
the odd one, I stick to 3 or 4!

Question 8:When you are asked why you change your crush every day, you reply with....
'I like to keep my options open.'
'It's only me and my boyfriend, you got the wrong girl.'
'I can't help it, I'm a very horny person.'
'It's not every day, it's every week or two.'
'I don't, it just comes off that way.'

Question 9:You would dump a guy because...
They made a joke about you that everyone laughed about
You had a bad fight and that's that.
You found out that he cheated on you. You were always faithful.
He annoyed you every break with the dumb question of' What class do you have next?'
He had bad clothing styles.

Question 10:You found out that he had this thing with the sluttiest girl in town. What do you do?
Ask him about it the first chance you get. Your always willing to listen.
Avoid him and wait till he comes around. Then dump him.
Tell him you love him and offer to do anything he wants as long as it's not over.
Beg him to forgive you for being mad and make him promise to leave that skank alone
Kick him in the nuts and tell him it's over.

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