Rating your Romantic Side
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Rating your Romantic Side

Everyone needs and wants a little romance in their lives. Because there are no two people alike in this world, every person is considered unique and every person has a different style and view on romance, whether it be a romantic candle lit dinner or a romantic date to a Monster Truck show. This quiz will rate your romantic side and maybe you will even learn something about yourself that you didn't know. Romance is considered differently by each individual so do not be afraid to be honest with yourself and pick what you truly believe in, but most of all -- HAVE FUN!

Question 1:When I think of the word 'romantic' the first thing that comes to my mind is... ?
A candle lit dinner followed by a quite walk on the beach with the waves crashing at your feet.
Love notes hidden in significant places that can be found throughout the day.
Cuddling on the couch while watching Monday night Wrestling.
Going out for a night of drinking and partying.

Question 2:To you, the word 'love' is... ?
just a word, often used to get what you want.
An emotion that is shared between two people, and is beyond physical attraction.
A feeling that can grow stronger or weaken without warning.
A passion or interest for something or someone.

Question 3:What famous couple would you consider romantic?
Julia Roberts and Richard Geere in 'Pretty Woman'
Romeo and Juliette
Beauty and the Beast
I don't watch romantic movies so I wouldn't know.

Question 4:How much romance would you say is in your current relationship?
Enough to make him/her happy.
Romance? What is romance?
Our relationship is held together by romance.
Every moment of our relationship is not romantic but we always save a special time of day to share our feelings and that’s romantic to me.

Question 5:When you think of the word 'romance' what flower comes to mind?
A carnation
A rose
A lily
A cactus

Question 6:Who would you say is more romantic?
Your Partner
Don't Know
Both yourself and your partner

Question 7:What do you consider the most romantic gift out of the following?
A framed picture of you and your loved one with a Shakespearean love quote engraved in the frame.
A dozen red roses with a card
Tickets to see your sweetheart's favourite band
A card

Question 8:On a scale from 1 - 10 how romantic would you consider yourself?

Question 9:What do you consider the most romantic out of the following?
A hot air balloon
A waterfall
A cold beer

Question 10:Were your parents romantic?
Most of the time

Question 11:What do you feel is the best benefit of romance?
It allows your loved one to feel special and you enjoy that.
It allows you to 'get what you want' in the end.
It makes you look sexy
It allows you and your loved one to share your thoughts, feelings, and ideas with unique emotions, feelings, and actions

Question 12:What season is the most romantic?

Question 13:Would your partner say you were romantic if asked?
I don't know?
I am sure they would
Yes...just as romantic as him/her

Question 14:What drink would you consider romantic?
White Wine

Question 15:Now that you have finished this quiz, how do you feel about romance?
I am romantic...I already knew that!
I could be more romantic
I can't wait to share some romance with my sweetheart.
I still don't like romance...its corny!

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