Are you a true romantic?

Are you a true romantic, or are you a lustful lover?

Question 1:   You see someone you fancy in the street. You...
Do nothing
Stare at him for ages but decide not to bother- how embarrassing!
Gaze at him, then go up and start chatting. It could be love!

Question 2:   A boy starts text flirting with you. You...
Ignore the messages
Text flirt back- what's the harm?
Chat a bit, but wait until you see him face to face to make a move.

Question 3:   On a first date, you think it's sweet if he...
Snogs you
Feels you up in the cinema
Treats you with respect and wants to see you again.

Question 4:   "Love at first sight is..."
True for some people, but you have to be lucky.
a lie
Definitely true!

Question 5:   If a man starts eyeing you at work/school (or whatever)you think...
Hey- I must be looking good today!
What have I spilt now?
Maybe it's love

Question 6:   Your ideal perfect night is...
Out with the girls, chatting up the boys
A night in front of the tv
With the man you love

Question 7:   Your style of clothing is...
Super sexy to attract ALL the men
Frumpy- the granny look is in, isn't it?
Something that reflects my personality

Question 8:   What music do you like?
Soppy love songs
Heavy metal

Question 9:   Do you want to get married?
Yes, if he's rich
Yes, if I'm in love!

Question 10:   Being in Love means...
A quick snog behind the bikeshed
Fancying the pants of the latest popstar
Loving your partner with unconditional love and them hopefully feeling the same way!

This Quiz has been designed by Yaz.