Am I Aromantic?

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This test will give you a second opinion as to whether you're aromantic or not. This does not determine your actual sexuality - in the end, you're the one who identifies as a certain gender or sexuality. Aromantic means that you are not falling in love, but might build friendships and might or might not have a sex drive.

  • 1
    Have you had a relationship yet?
    Hello! Have you had a relationship yet?
  • 2
    When you see a couple kissing, what do you think?
  • 3
    Have you had sexual intercourse yet?

  • 4
    Have you ever had a crush on somebody (with or without a relationship)?
  • 5
    Do you flirt?
  • 6
    Which sentence below are you least likely to say/think?

  • 7
    Which statement about you is the most accurate?
  • 8
    Which type of permanent relationship is the most appealing to you?
  • 9
    Do you consider marriage to be in your future?
  • 10
    When someone asks why you're single, what's your answer?

  • 11
    What do you think about one night stands and friends with benefits for you, personally?
  • 12
    Last question: What do YOU think you are?

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4 days ago
Poopoo👮fart peepee
4 days ago
Ayyyy, makes sense that I'm demiromantic and demisexual!
7 days ago
It got everything correct! I was kinda confirming I was a demiromantic ace, uhh slight problem, so it said demisexual and then demiromantic in the same card, it was weird.
8 days ago
It got everything wrong hope they will fix it!
14 days ago
@Why is it so difficult to find out
There's literally tweens that know their sexuality so teenagers can know their sexuality as well but not every teen knows their sexuality of course.
16 days ago
It says aromantic and asexual, but I don't know... I mean, I am a teenager, do you already know your sexuality when you are that young?
But it's a fact that I don't want to have a relationship or something like that and I have never fallen in love so far. I had a crush several times, but not for long. I do understand why people live in relationships, but I don't want one for myself.
So... what am I now?
I think I understand the basics why people fall in love, live together, etc., I had some crushes so far, and I had thought about having children, but not with a husband.
I am really confused. I am either hetero or aromantic/asexual.
But I really don't know how to find out. Or am I just too young for this stuff?
25 days ago
It says I'm 50% aro but I don't know if that's it. Like I love the idea of a romantic relationship. I read romance novels and feel butterflies because I think it's so cute. But I've never experienced romantic feelings firsthand. Never ever had a crush (but like I'm constantly 💝 so attracted to literally everyone lol) had a relationship but always felt he liked me wayyy more than I liked him and that I wasn't really into it. I found him insanely attractive and I loved cuddling and hugging but I just didn't feel like liked him. So I'm just hella confused. Does that mean I'm aro? Have I just not find the right person? I'm not sure about anything. I've been questioning my sexual and romantic orientation for most of my life and I still have no answer.
28 days ago
33% not aro or ace, 33% demisexual
Alright, seems about correct...
I think l'm demiromantic and/or graysexual anyway...
29 days ago
got 58% aromantic, 25% not aromantic or asexual, 17% demisexual and not aromantic. seems about right
38 days ago
Not going to lie, this test wasn’t that great. I got that I am ace just because I am sex-repulsed. It isn’t that simple my guy. I know for sure that I am not ace. Asexual people can still enjoy it but not have that kind of attraction. Also aro people can still desire relationships, they can’t feel attraction. This is riddled with stereotypes.
52 days ago
bruh it ain't even working... lol just search up "lgbta wikia ace-spec identity" and "lgbta wikia aro-spec identity" and they should show up as first results
52 days ago
Ugh, this is gonna look like spam or something lmao but the links had spaces between them so I'll have to reshare them again to avoid confusion.
LINKS (hopefully working now, gosh, wish we could edit comments): e-spec_identity iki/Category:Aro-spec_identity
Cheers for real now. Take care ^^
52 days ago
Okay, for real though: to my fellow people who searched up this quiz as I did- aromanticism and asexuality are complicated in explanation and it's not as simple as everyone makes it out to be. A lot of people, perhaps some of you included, don't actually know much about us aspecs, as they don't care to understand us because they often already have their preconceived beliefs preventing them from wanting to learn about aspec-ness (which yes, aspec does mean anyone on the aro or ace spectrum or are on both of the spectrums). Some even question if there is anything even worth discussing when it comes to us... which only proves that the fact people don't know how much there is to aspec-ness just shows us how much it's worth creating discussion over. As in, "The fact that you don't know what there is to talk about regarding aspec-ness just shows how much aspec-ness is misunderstood/under-discussed." Please, potential aspecs, try to educate yourself. Even if you don't turn out to be aspec, you're learning about things the media would never show us, schools would never teach us, friends and family would never tell us etc. Pay attention, listen to our voices. Invisibility is not a privilege. Here, this ISN'T even close to fully informing you about aspec-ness AT ALL but if you want to start reading up on some parts of the aspec then here are some starting links (you could possibly be one of these or even more than one of these at the same time... and if not, keep looking and educating yourself! I recommend looking through LGBTA Wiki as a start since they have a fair amount of basic information): e-spec_identity o-spec_identity
One last thing! Some of the questions in this quiz you took were incredibly arophobic so please refrain from taking the quiz seriously. I'm just here since I got bored today and wanted to see what I'd get (I got aroace ofc as I am aroace and lol oops I forgot to add 'ace' to my username- it's changed now).
52 days ago
ALSO, PLEASE JUST SEARCH UP TERMS IF YOU DON'T UNDERSTAND THEM. KEEP AN OPEN MIND, BE AWARE, TRY TO LEARN. BTW QPRS ARE A THING- AND THIS QUIZ DIDN'T INCLUDE QPRS OR OTHER TYPES OF NON-ROMANTIC/NON-SEXUAL RELATIONSHIPS. ALSO KEEP THIS IN MIND! I LOVE YOU, WHETHER YOU'RE ASPEC OR NOT ('aspec' means anyone who is on the asexual AND/OR aromantic spectrum- like there are cupioromantics, demisexuals, lithromantics, greysexuals etc. just please do research )
52 days ago
77 days ago
I don’t get what demisexual means since I got it. Also I’m definitely not asexual as I feel sexual attraction (no hate towards asexuals).
80 days ago
God, this is like, surprisingly arophobic. Like alloaros only want🍦without commitment. I want a qpr, dude. I want a commitment. But not romantic. A sexual qpr. For God's sake.
83 days ago
50% demisexual: i’ve not been in a real relationship before, but a few guys have had a crush on me and i always get really anxious and uncomfortable and end up pushing them away. i feel icky whenever any guy likes me like that. i’ve never had a girl be into me before, maybe i would be more comfortable with that ? i don’t know at all. i used to think demisexuality was stupid but now i really get it and i think it fits with me.. i can still be bisexual too right ? i guess i can. i dunno, all i know is that i don’t want to be alone all my life, like i want something, but any relationship makes me really anxious. maybe it’s just me :/
92 days ago
33% A . I never experienced a romantic relationship since birth but I do have few crushes. I had a suitor when I was in high school and I thought I was having a romantic feeling for him, but I suddenly fell uninterested so I told him to stop cause I don't actually want to experience a relationship.
112 days ago
i have recently fantasized about a friends with benefits situation, without any romance, and with a dude. i thought i was a lesbian. im soooo confused. like i've had crushes on both genders (used to think those on boys were compulsive heterosexuality), and ngl, ive thought about sexual relationships with those crushes, but i now realize that i've always been low-key repulsed at the idea of being in a romantic relationship.