Am I Aromantic? An aromantic spectrum test🔐

Are you questioning whether you might be Aromantic? You haven't felt any close romantic connection to another person, yet? That may or may not include a lack of sexual desire as well, although that is known as 'Asexuality'. Let us ease your mind, and test whether 'Aromantic' is a label you might fall under.
And remember that if it fits you, there's nothing wrong with that! Just be open when you answer the questions, and you will gain a better understanding of your sexuality.

  • 1
    Have you had a relationship yet?
    Have you had a relationship yet?
  • 2
    When you see a couple kissing, what do you think?
  • 3
    Have you had sexual intercourse yet?

  • 4
    Have you ever had a crush on somebody (with or without a relationship)?
  • 5
    Do you flirt?
  • 6
    Which sentence below are you LEAST likely to say/think?

  • 7
    Which statement about you is the most accurate?
  • 8
    Which type of permanent relationship is the most appealing to you?
  • 9
    Do you consider marriage to be in your future?
  • 10
    When someone asks why you're single, what's your answer?

  • 11
    What do you think about one night stands and friends with benefits for you, personally?
  • 12
    What do you have the least experience with?

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5 days ago
I need help. I really really want to be in love, but I have never gotten the "butterflies in your stomach".. But the question asks if I want to be in a relationship, and yes I do. I really do. :\ I've told people I like someone but I don't actually like them, I think I want to like anyone, literally anyone, but I've not been able to. I'm dating 2 people because I want to love (poly), I don't think it's because I like them. I want to believe I'll just fall for them one day. It seems aromantics DON'T want love, but I do. So I don't know what's wrong with me. Maybe I just haven't found the "right one"...?
15 days ago
Maybe you’re aro flux or lithoromantic?
23 days ago
I am definitely asexual and aromantic and that's what i got bahahhah
27 days ago
My romantic feelings seem to come and go. One day I might be fine with the idea of having a partner and the next, I find romance completely uninteresting. Also I may have a crush on someone to begin with, but once I get to know them, it goes away. I'd much rather spend my life with someone platonically like as a best friend. But everyone I know has got a someone. Just not me.
30 days ago
Do you people have a thing against me?? Cos all the quizes i've done only gives me answers that suck! I'm outta here.....
30 days ago
i used to be a hopeless romantic almost catching feelings after the first day of being attracted to someone, well thats what i thought because actually i mislead these strong sexual feelings for romantic ones, and in the end i only enjoy the attention and not the actual romantic love, sometimes i wish i could be held in someones arms tho, it doesnt even have to be romantic but im willing to give so much love even if its not romantic and it frustrates me. im currently grey-romantic but questiong a lot lately because i cant imagine having any sort of a romantic relationships at all. i fell in love once. and the feelings were really strong but i hated this feeling because i was not used to it, on top it was one sided love because the person i liked was my best friend and they are not into men and since im a transguy that could never work out and i also didnt want it to work out because i dont ever want a romantic relationship again, i used to be in 5 all of them were 2-5 months long and it always turned out i didnt love any of them romantically.
i really struggle a lot could it be that im demi romantic because i have a special bond with my best friend? or am i fully aromantic? i really dont know anymore..
33 days ago
no wonder my past relationships were either one sided, or didnt work out. that's cause i am aro. wow. idk if i should be happy or upset.
37 days ago
Hi I think I’m aromatic bc I don’t like dating ppl it just failed for me so I’m not dating anymore with ppl I don’t have a crush I will never have a crush on anyone
38 days ago
I think i am aro spec. I dont feel romantic attraction most times and its mainly close friends (and they last a VERY long time). I know i am ace though so i mean at least i got that figured out...
43 days ago
hi im demoman too
anyways yeah ive identified as aroace for a month or so and i took this to further investigate
75% aroace lol
i might think someone looks good or has a good personality but id never fall in love or have s/x with someone lol, when i was younger i would hate the idea of romantic marriage and i wanted to marry a friend so we could live together and stuff but never for romantic reasons or anything like that
45 days ago
@Avery same exact thing with me
51 days ago
im asexual and questioning if im aro, i get crushes/am romantically attracted to people, but only a little bit,
i just feel like more of a platonic relationship would be easier, platonic cuddling, hugging, that kinda stuff
55 days ago
Well I knew I was ace a few months ago but I think I’m aro too. It all makes sense now
59 days ago
Im asexual huh, makes so much sense now
61 days ago
I am Domoman!!! MUHHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i took 4 r u evil Tests
61 days ago
Test results: 50% demisexual, 17% aromantic, 17% asexual, 17% both ase and aro, 0% not aromantic
61 days ago
I'm demoman too and I love Furries UwU.
64 days ago
I bet my name hasn't come up
71 days ago
He's Demoman, he's Demoman, you're Demoman, I'M DEMOMAN!!! Are there are other Demomans I should know about?
76 days ago
well this is embarrassing, ONE of us is gonna have to change