Am I Aromantic? Quiz - An aromantic spectrum test 🔐

Are you questioning whether you might be Aromantic? You haven't felt any close romantic connection to another person, yet? That may or may not include a lack of sexual desire as well, although that is known as 'Asexuality'. Let us ease your mind, and test whether 'Aromantic' is a label you might fall under.
And remember that if it fits you, there's nothing wrong with that! Just be open when you answer the questions, and you will gain a better understanding of your sexuality.

  • 1
    Have you had a relationship yet?
    Have you had a relationship yet?
  • 2
    When you see a couple kissing, what do you think?
  • 3
    Have you had sexual intercourse yet?

  • 4
    Have you ever had a crush on somebody (with or without a relationship)?
  • 5
    Do you flirt?
  • 6
    Which sentence below are you LEAST likely to say/think?

  • 7
    Which statement about you is the most accurate?
  • 8
    Which type of permanent relationship is the most appealing to you?
  • 9
    Do you consider marriage to be in your future?
  • 10
    When someone asks why you're single, what's your answer?

  • 11
    What do you think about one night stands and friends with benefits for you, personally?
  • 12
    What do you have the least experience with?

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3 days ago
Im a 😘 aromantic on steroids bro (real)
22 days ago
Who wrote this? Try talking to some actual aromantic people first next time, yeah?
I AM aro (and ace) and here are my Answers
1: None of the above.
2: None of the above.
3: 3 of the above (also I thought this was about being aro, not being ace. Not the same thing AT ALL)
4: Yes/Not sure - (I mean I thought I had but it wasn't like other people describe)
5: None of the above.
6: All of the above. I would never say or think any of these things, there is no ranking.
7: None of the above. I understand that other people can be happy doing things I don't want. Also none of these are mutually exclusive.
8: None of the above.
9: None of the above. I'm married. My husband knew I was aroace before we got married.
10: None of the above. See question 9.
11: Irrelevant, but also None of the above.
12: None of the above.

I'm 40. I have tried it, for a couple of decades. I figured out what works for me and what doesn't. Nothing here has any relevance and honestly? It comes across as being written by someone who has no idea what they're talking about.
Why is this the first result on google?
24 days ago
I have been married but it did not work mostly because I am aromantic. I was not able to feel that commitment.
28 days ago
Im 98%aromantic which actually make sense cuz im not really into relationships;-;
36 days ago
For a while I've identified as a queer arospec and this quiz legit just split me 25% for aro and 25% for alloromantic.

I mean, I kind of just did this for fun and it doesn't change the fact I still think I'm aromantic.
46 days ago
Im sure that I’m 100% asexual but im not yet sure if im Aromantic. (Been questioning for a while now.) I don’t really think about romance that much, i enjoy the idea of it though. If I met someone nice, that’s great! But I don’t mind being single forever too. Im fine weither im taken or single, sometimes I feel better off single doing my own thing. Since I feel like more attachment to friendship rather than romance. Cuz There’s more out there for me at life rather than just romance, but the idea of finding a partner sounds really cute though. Im just so confused, but I can say I’m down eitherway.
47 days ago
I liked a boy(sometimes) i was really confused. Now i'm not confused anymore, I'm proud to be grey-romantic
48 days ago
So i´m most likely ARO ACE, maybe both more in the gray area. Also Gray ARO ACE does that even exist? I`m confused...
53 days ago
I got 0% on not being aro, so I guess I am probably right about being Aro Ace!
54 days ago
im listening to cupid by jack stauber while taking to this lol
56 days ago
I absolutely find the idea of 💖 very uncomfortable and disgusting to me- but honestly I feel more demisexual than asexual- I'm pretty sure I'm a bisexual demisexual...that'll probably change to a kinda unlabeled asexual in like a week but whatever 😂
59 days ago
Im demisexual
60 days ago
Not really my thing
70 days ago
I’m on the aroace spectrum so yeah
71 days ago
It's just I don't know if I don't like💝because I'm trans and hate my body, but it doesn't seem like that, the idea of having it and all that comes with it seems disgusting and uncomfortable.
71 days ago
I like really hate the idea of sex, but maybe it's because I'm still a teenager, I just wish I knew, it seems more likely I'm grayromantic or demiromantic but I don't know about the asexual spectrum. I just know the idea of having🐤doesn't appeal to me.
86 days ago
Lol 33% ace aro. I dont even understand much about it. My country is traditional & conservative, so I dont have much knowledge about gender/sexuality outside of what u were born as. I consider about marriage many times (close to my 30th as it is) but whenever there's someone trying to get close to me or even thinking about marriage & the intimate part of marriage, I just... uhhhhh. I'm fine w/ watching or reading adult genre, I find them hot, but when I'm trying to see myself in that position its really.... weird? Or maybe just bcuz I'd never had been in relationship that it naturally repel me? Maybe it just nerves? I dunno. I'm lonely & I do want a close companion but marriage scares me.😍even more so. I just... not used w/ affectionate gesture so😍is so faaarrrr untouchable thing for me
88 days ago
close enough, i am aroaceflux
89 days ago
I identify as asexual, I’m still questioning if I’m aromatic though. To be honest I’m still questioning if I’m even asexual at times. Because I’m young and you never know, maybe I’m just a late bloomer.
Anyway about the test I got a 58% not surprised!
I still haves crushes (I think they are crushes and not squishes at least). I don’t want a relationship or a partner of any kind. But like I said earlier I’m young and Still confused!
90 days ago
Dunno if my numbers are the same cause I wrote I think from a phone last time? Idk.
Apologies for how long dis is.
Broo, I'm so glad someone feels similarly! I kinda panicked after I wrote last cause I thought no one would feel the same and have only just come back today.
I feel exactly the same about seeing cis guys in friend groups like why can't I just be them???? what did I do wrong??

And socially transitioning is so hard bro. I actually have been trying to tell my best friend, the same as my last comment, and she says that she accepts trans people but she doesn't seem to want me to be a guy? Like, I told her I'd like to use He/They and she said later on that I used they/them. and when I first started questioning and asking people to use more gender neutral pronouns she would go out of her way to find feminine ways to refer to me with people who didn't know eg. "you go girl!" when she's literally never said that in her life.
All my other friend are so supportive though, and have no weird romantic ulterior motives (or just misunderstandings) like my best friend seems to have sometimes.

And thinking I'm aromantic is a whole other deal, cause one time a guy I thought I liked confessed to me and I absolutely hated it and felt so guilty and gross because of that, ended up saying I was lesbian (even tho I knew I was trans). But whenever my friend showed signs I felt exactly the same way, and still do. I thought I was bi but just can't see myself with anyone rn and feeling happy about it, and honestly dunno if I ever will. I still love being close to people in platonic ways tho as I said last time (hugging etc.) but idk. Romance looks better when it's on other people idk.

I'm definitely on the aroace spectrum, and I reckon that's as far as I can get rn. lemme know how ur feeling tho, it'd be sick to get updates cause I didn't know anyone felt similarly!!