What kind of girl are you in a relationship?
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What kind of girl are you in a relationship?

Are you a type of girl who takes them for all they got and leaves them or are you the type of girl who gives and gives and ends up with nothing? Are you a type of girl who makes sure both of you are happy no matter what or are you the type of girl who only has a boyfriend for one reason and one only? Find out!

Question 1: You and your new boyfriend are final together but you need to find out some things first ... what do you do?
I do nothing, I don’t really care about any of that stuff!
I sit him down and make him tell me everything and ask nothing, he will tell me anything if its of any importance!
I ask him like 3 questions and get too shy to ask the rest, we did just start going out!
I come right out and ask anything I need to, if he really cares about me he won't think any different about me!
I don’t know the answer!

Question 2: Would you ever go out with a guy just for his looks and/or his body and/or his personality?
Yes, but they also have to treat me like a queen too!
No, I need to like everything about him to go out with him!
No, all I care about is how smart they are!
Yes, looks are all I care about!
I don’t know the answer!

Question 3: Lets say you and your boyfriend are making out on the couch ... what do you do when you kiss?
Lots of tongue, guys like that!
No tongue, I don't know if I'm doing right or not!
Whatever feels right to me!
Whatever the guys does to me, its all about me!
I don’t know the answer!

Question 4: Its in between classes and you know that your boyfriend might pass by ... what do you do?
Run to his class right after the bells rings!
Ask him to meet you in the hall in the middle of where both of your classes are, so I can spent as much time as I can with him!
Make sure he is at your next class room door waiting for you no matter if it is close to his class or not!
Don't do anything, he is just there for a good time nothing more!
I don’t know the answer!

Question 5:Your best friend just confronted you about your boyfriend and says he has been cheated on you … what do you do?
Beat the crap out of him because you will always believe whatever your friends say with no questions asked!
You don’t care cause you are doing it to behind his back … its only fare!
Just ignore it … you don’t care anyways!
Confront him and ask all the questions you have to sort things out … if he is lying then you will find out eventually!
I don’t know the answer!

Question 6:You and your boyfriend get in your first fight … how do you handle it?
Break up with him … you don’t need the drama!
Make your friend go up to him and talk to him and have her tell you what he said and then figure out what to say to him!
Cry your eyes out for days and not talk to him unless he talks to you first!
Give him a day to cool off and talk to him tomorrow … You both need a day to figure things out and have your space!
I don’t know the answer!

Question 7:You are home alone and your boyfriend comes over … what do you do?
Make him do whatever you want … remember it is all about you!
I would never be alone with my boyfriend … he makes me feel uncomfortable!
I don’t put myself in that situation unless I am comfortable and know what is going to happen!
Have sex for the first time just because you think that is what he wants and remember when will you have a better chance then this!
I don’t know the answer!

Question 8:Your boyfriend and one of your best guy friends get into a fist fight … what do you do?
Tell the guys you aren’t going to choose sides so solve it like men and talk out the problems or solve it like little boys and fight!
Join your boyfriend’s side … you are he’s girlfriend after all!
Join your friend’s side … as they say buds before studs!
Tell them to fight to see how buff your boy friend really is!
I don’t know the answer!

Question 9:You and your boyfriend have had sex and now it seems that is all he cares about … what would you do?
Its okay … that’s all he is here for anyways!
Tell him no more sex until you are married!
Break up with him … if he doesn’t care about you then he must just care about sex!
I don’t know the answer!
Talk to him and ask him if he feels the same way and if he doesn’t then put down a limit of how many times you do it!

Question 10:Your boyfriend tells you that you are hanging out with your guy friends to much … What do you do?
Do whatever he says … you are his girlfriend and should listen to whatever he says!
Leave him …. your guy friends respect you more then he does!
Talk to him and explain that they are just friends and suggest to him that he can hang out with them too!
Piss him off and flirt with your guy friends right in front of him!
I don’t know the answer!

Question 11:Your boyfriend says that we should see other people … how do you respond?
Tell him its over … that is the key sentence for “I’m interested in other people and you are getting old!”
Ask him why and try to work things out!
Tell him you will always be there for him and that its okay … he is your boyfriend and you respect whatever he says!
Its okay … he was only good for one thing and you were already seeing other people!
I don’t know the answer!

Question 12:Your boyfriend you have had for 1œ years ask you to marry him … what do you say?
Hell yes … that is a huge diamond and he is loaded!
No way … he crazy to be asking me this, we haven’t even been going out for 4 years!
I don’t think so … I have other stuff to do first!
I don’t know the answer!
Ask him if he is sure and figure out if you guys would survive in this world together! So its not a yes or a no!

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