What type of guy are you?
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What type of guy are you?

Are you a Romeo, a Prince Charming, a Boy Next Door, or a Player? Take this quiz to learn about your true intentions when it comes to treating a girl!

Question 1:It's your first date, and you want to impress the girl- you:
Pick her up at the exact time she wants, and take her to the restaurant of her choice
Impress? Since when do I try to impress a girl? They come running to me no matter what!
Wait until just the right time at night, pick her up, and go to a deserted location so that the two of you could be alone, and put down a blanket so the both of you could lie on it and gaze at the stars while holding each other tight.
Recite a poem you had written after first laying eyes upon her, and telling her you knew it was love at first sight

Question 2:What would you look for in a girl?
Smart, sweet, cute, kind, caring, loving, lovely, affectionate, wise... just as long as she acts like her true self.
Someone that I've known for a long time and could remember what they looked like all throughout their life.
The willingness to die for the love between us and deep emotions towards me and me alone.
Big booty, big boobies, long nails, lots of money, tan, shorter than me, and jus plain sexy!

Question 3:It's your 1 month anniversary with your g/f. What do you buy her?
Buy? For I would not buy anything, I would rather write a love song or poem expressing her true beauty and my love for her.
Some ice or bling bling, whatever she wants as long as she doesn’t get mad and makes me sleep on the couch- that burns man!
A cute little puppy dog of her choice!
2 tickets for a concert of a band that she and I both enjoy.

Question 4:What's your favourite colour out of the following?

Question 5:If you're 19 and this girl you really like is 13... well, what do you think?
Age is just a number, and as long as she's mature enough, I don't see a problem.
That's a bit crazy- I would never go out with a girl less than 3 years younger than me.
As long as she's hot and dumb enough to have some "fun" hehe!
As long as I've known her for a very long time... everything will be perfect.

Question 6:Would you ever cook for your girl?
Aw naw, naw! Hell naw! I suck at that junk! KFC is fine with me, man!
Yes, I know all of her favourite dishes... though McDonalds would be easier.
Yes, I would like to show her my good cooking skills and show her how good of a husband I would be.
No. I would have my parents do it for me and then somehow make it look like I cooked it.

Question 7:Do you like the name Yolanda?
No, not really- unless I knew someone with that name for a really long time...
Fair Maiden Yolanda... I could see it.. sorta.
Haha, you've gotta be kidding me... though, I guess I could get used to it if I had to.

Question 8:Do you like emo?
I would rather make my own music...
What's that?
It's great when I'm in that certain type of mood.
It's alright

Question 9:What do you think of The Juliana Theory?
They're ok... I guess.
Their lyrics are very deep, and remind me of her:)
The- what now?
Hmm... that sounds familiar... I just can't think of anything the sing right now.

Question 10:Do you hate this quiz?
Not really, but sort of...
Basically- yes.
It's sort of pointless, but fun nonetheless.
It's not too bad- I've seen worse.

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