What sort of boy suits you best.
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What sort of boy suits you best.

Girls, wanna know what type of lad is the best suited for you take the test to find out.

Question 1:What does your crush do when you make eye contact with him?
Blushes and turns away.
Sticks the v's up at you.
Smiles sweetly.

Question 2:What sort of activity would you most like to do with your crush?
Candlelit dinner.
Go to the cinema or Bowling.
Vandelising local park.

Question 3:What type of music do you like to listen to?
Slow, romantic ballads
Rock / Heavy Metal
Upbeat Pop

Question 4:What is your crush like in class.
Shy and quite swotty.
Always getting told off : the naughtiest in the class
Quite talkative, but on the whole very clever.

Question 5:What does your crush do in his spare time?
He's a goth.
Helps others.

Question 6:As a small gift, what do you think your crush would buy you?
Nothing small, something expensive like a new pair of jeans.
Probably some sweets or a CD.
No gift for me.

Question 7:What do you notice most about your crush?
His naughtiness.
His generosity.
His smile.

Question 8:What sort of gift would you give to him which he would appreciate.
Although he's generous he wouldn't cash spent on him so nothing.
A heavy metal CD.
No gift just a nice smile.

Question 9:What feature about him really irritates you?
Nothing really, he's almost perfect.
He smokes.
His laugh.

Question 10:What would you need to change about yourself in order to get your crush?
Nothing, I already knows that he like me.
I am naughty but I’d need to be really BAD!
I'd probably need to be more sporty.

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