What matters most in a guy??
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What matters most in a guy??

OK...you're in Bio 1 and this hot guy waltzes in. You think "oh my god, how's my hair?" But is it really looks that are important to girls, or does personality fill the gap?

Question 1:You're spotting for potential dates at an end-of-the-week luncheon, but no guys fit the look. Do you...
sway your way to the cutest one and hope his personality's great
not go with anyone because they're not cute
leave the campus to scout for older guys

Question 2:This really sexy guy you just met has everything you've ever looked for in a man, but his immaturity gets in the way. Do you...
keep him wrapped around your little finger--tight!
dump him for a uglier, yet smart, intellectual guy
become a lesbian and go out with Cheryl so-and-so

Question 3:Your younger brother's friend is so hitting on you. You think he's great, but your brother thinks you and him should not go out. You...
go out anyway, and stick out your tongue as you walk out the door
tell the friend it isn't going to work out
spend a day at the mall with friends and find a better man

Question 4:Your friend likes a guy named Jessie and you like him too. he's so cute, and he makes everyone laugh, but he's in the 8th grade, you & your friend are in 10th. Do you...
snag him at the last second and laugh in her face
neither one goes out with him...you both just drool!
let your pal go out with him and go scout for available hotties

Question 5:Your dad intro's you to a coworker's son. He's a lot younger than you expected, but you...
run to the toilet and puke
go out anyway despite the maturity level & age difference
do a Houdini disappearing act, then reappear "mysteriously" after he leaves

Question 6:You're hittin' the club scene, and this nerdy ugly guy comes up to you, like "how you doin'?" You...
sit and talk then do a little tango later
dump your drink in his lap and march off
take him to a quieter place to get to know him better

Question 7:Rafael is the new sports coach at the high school, and the classes are booked to the max. Sylvia Swanson is the last student placed in 6th period, and you didn't. You..
tell everyone a disgusting rumor and scar her rep for life
make her get the measles and hope to God you can take her spot
get in a different class

Question 8:Everyone has heard that the new movie is going to be filmed in your hometown. You want to be there because Brad Pitt is in it, but your prep friends want to go to Gadzooks. you...
go to Gadzooks and then to the scene
stay at home feeling blue
ditch them and hope they're still pals come Monday

Question 9:Justin Timberlake is having his first on tour concert in your tiny city. He's got the smile, the look, the personality. You...
win a local contest and have dinner with him
stay at home...you have the flu
catch him backstage and snag a hug

Question 10:The cutest guy in school could choose any prom date...but he chooses you. YOU...
think it's a remake of "She's All That"
date him...DUH!!!
let your friend date him

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