What kind of Man are you after?
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What kind of Man are you after?

Take this quiz to find out which category your dream man falls into.

Question 1:What is your idea of a great date?
Anything as long as I have a good time.
Candlelit dinner, and cuddling in front a fire.
A nice lunch followed by shopping or a relaxing day at the spa.
A night studying together over coffee or a trip to the zoo or a museum.
Dinner, dancing, maybe an overnight stay if he's really cute.

Question 2:Describe Mr. Right....
Calm, cool, and truly relaxed.
Tall, dark, handsome, and cooly confident.
Gorgeous, communicative, and extremely sweet.
Self-reliant, dependable, and a hardworker.
A bit shy, incredibly deep, and smart as a whip.

Question 3:He'd more likely be named:

Question 4:His goal is to:
To take over the family business.
He doesn't know yet.
Be rich although he hasn't figured out just how he's going to do it yet, but he is sure he will.
To win the Pulitzer Peace Prize.
College, graduate school, fall in love, marry, have a family, etc.

Question 5:On an average day, he wears...
His wardrobe is varied, but always clean and ironed.
Loose jeans, a nice button-front shirt, shined up shoes, and a lot of hair gel.
Whatever he can scrounge up from the floor of his room.
A plain white polo tucked into khakis and a killer smile.
Designer jeans, sweater, and a rolex.

Question 6:His motto in life would be:
Life is nothing without love.
Money may not buy happiness, but it sure helps.
Relax, man!
When you look good - you feel good.
Knowledge is power.

Question 7:His first job was:
In his father's company.
Fast food.
Flower shop delivery man.
A waiter or bartender.
Computer analyst.

Question 8:No matter what I do, I always seem to fall for guys who are...
Too nice for their own good.
Conceited or overbearing.
Materialistic or money-hungry.
Very introverted and shy.
Lazy or unmotivated.

Question 9:Do you want children?
Of course...I want four or five.
Certainly...to carry on the family traditions.
Maybe someday. When the time is right.
Haven't really thought about it.

Question 10:The one thing he could not possibly live without?
His computer.
His friends and family.
His freedom.
His pride.
His wallet.

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