What Kind of Guys do You Attract?
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What Kind of Guys do You Attract?

Do you tend to usually attract selfcentered guys, shy guys...Find out here. (Used for fun only.)

Question 1:At school, you...
Talk loudly with friends and guys and giggle alot.
Sit by yourself and read.
Sit with a few friends and talk quietly.
Talk cheerfully with friends and have fun.

Question 2:At games you can be found...
Wondering around wondering when it will be over.
Watch the game and quietly enjoy the fun.
In the cheerleading squad, flirting with the guys.
Sitting in the bleachers with friends cheering on the team.

Question 3:You feel happy...

Question 4:Your friends describe you as...
Outgoing and fun.
Loyal and smart.
Quiet and distant.
Talkative and flirtatious.

Question 5:You usually like guys who...
Are a little shy, but nice.
Like to laugh and have fun.
Keep to themselves and don't share feelings.
Are hot and outgoing.

Question 6:When you see a guy looking at you, you..
Smile, and walk over to them.
Turn slightly red and look away.
Turn away.
Smile, then look away.

Question 7:At home you like to...
Write poems, listen to music.
Watch tv and/or hang with friends.
Read a book, have a friend over.
Throw a party, and invite lots of people.

Question 8:You meet people mostly...
At parties or the mall.
At clubs or religious events.
At fun organizations or school.
At school.

Question 9:You have...
A few close friends, mostly gals.
Many friends, guys and gals.
A few friends.
Many friends, mostly guys.

Question 10:Life...
Is a party!
Is exciting and enjoyable.
Is boring.
Is fun and unpredictable.

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