WhAt TyPe oF GuYs dO YoU aTTrAcT?
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WhAt TyPe oF GuYs dO YoU aTTrAcT?

Ever wondered if that nerd actually has a crush on you? Or if that thug's gotta thing for u? Take this quiz and see which type of guy you attract out of: Gangster, Nerd, Jock/Thug, goth

Question 1:What type of clothing do you like the most?
Dark clothes, whether it'd be black, Dark green, Dark blue, Dark red, etc...
Loose Shirt, jeans
Brand names! duh!~ Or something tight~
Baggy jeans, hooded sweatshirt/loose T-Shirt

Question 2:What type of music do you listen to?
I don't listen to music.
Heavy Metal/Rock

Question 3:What's your favorite hobby out of these?
Threatening/beating people up.
Staying home studying, working on homework.
Be fascinated at the wonderous creatures of life...
Listening to music/talking to friends a lot

Question 4:What's your favorite sport?

Question 5:What kinds of friends to you have?
Popular people, mostly.
Dark, gloomy people.
Scary ones. No, seriously. They freak people out, and not just in the mental way.
Middle-Class. Too good for nerds, but preps are just too...preppy.

Question 6:If you can have one wish in the world, what would it be?
I wish that I could become someone famous.
I wish that I can make out with my crush.
I wish that the people I hate can die.
I wish that people will stop being so happy and gay.

Question 7:What is your favorite fruit?
Grapes, kinda...
Screw fruits. (people and plants)

Question 8:What's your favorite soda?
Sunkist (orange soda)
Does alcohol count?

Question 9:(this is a gimme) Who do you have a crush on?
A jock/popular guy.
A goth.
A gangster.
A smart person.

Question 10:What's your favorite color?
ANYTHING dark is fine with me!

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