The Man of Your Dreams!
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The Man of Your Dreams!

Women! What kind of man do you dream about? Take the following test to see what kind of man lights your fire.

Question 1:Your ideal man would have:
Good looks
Fit, muscular body
Large penis

Question 2:Your ideal man would give you for a Valentines day gift:
Dinner at a fancy restaurant
A bouquet of roses
A new sex toy and a night of whatever you wanted in bed

Question 3:Your ideal man's foreplay would concentrate most on:
Caressing your breasts and body

Question 4:Your ideal man's number one attraction is his:
Romantic nature
Great sex techniques

Question 5:Your ideal man would never:
Be unemployed
Finish sex before you had an orgasm
Forget your birthday

Question 6:When you think about your ideal man, he is:
Someone I fantasize about who is not my partner
My current partner
A faceless stranger

Question 7:Do you fantasize sexually about your ideal man?
Quite often

Question 8:Your ideal man would:
Give you what you wanted until you scream
Always wear a condom
Light candles before making love with you

Question 9:If your ideal man moved in next door, and you were already in a relationship, you would:
See your ideal man on the side.
Stick with the man you've got
Drop everything and everyone to have him

Question 10:If you could have only one date with your ideal man, you would prefer:
An evening of conversation
A candlelit dinner for two
The best night of sex you've ever had

Question 11:Your ideal man would be:
A great lover

Question 12:If you got a new job and your ideal man just happened to work there, you would
Do whatever it took to get him to notice you and ask you out
Flirt with him casually so he knew you were interested
Gaze at him wistfully from afar

Question 13:Would you ever fantasize about your ideal man while making love?

Question 14:If your ideal man were coming over for a home cooked meal at your house, what would you wear?
Jeans and a nice shirt
A romantic gown
Something sexy that shows off your body well

Question 15:If your ideal man showed up at your door with love on his mind for a one-time, no commitment, no one would every know night of sex, you would:
Very regretfully send him away
Tell him politely you are not interested
Ask him in

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