What kind of man could be the one for you?
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What kind of man could be the one for you?

Many single women ask themselves what a man could be good for them. Here you can find out and choice between a big corner of men. Test your feelings and we will answer your questions!

Question 1:Do you have a boyfriend that moment? And what do you think about him?
Yes, but I don't know how long we will still be together
Yes, I love him!
No, but I know someone I could love...
No, I don't know if I love a man or a woman!

Question 2:Who would be the best for you?
A boy with brown hair and dark eyes
I don't want anyone of them! / I don't look at the looking out of him!
A blond boy with bright eyes
A boy with different colors of hair and bright eyes

Question 3:Your friends invite you to a blind-date to the cinema. They don't know the man (like you!). What would you do?
I'd say, "No, thanks..." and stay at home
I would say, "YES!" and be happy because they've asked me
I'd say, "No, thank you but I just want to have date with someone that I've seen yet!"
I'd say, "Why not?" and go with them

Question 4:You are in the cinema. Your friends sit on the chairs. You don't like your blind-date! How would you show him that you don't like him?
I wouldn't sit next to him. I'd sit behind my friends, so he couldn't see me or talk to me!
I would say, "Sorry, I must go home!"
I would scream through the room, "Darling? Where are you?" and when the blind-date looks at me I would explain that I lost my boyfriend
I would say that I don't like him! That's for sure!

Question 5:A man likes you very much, but for you he's just a good friend. He is really drunken and don't know, what he does. But suddenly he starts to try to kiss you. What do you do?
I hit him and hope that he will forget that next day
I call my other friends and go to them / I go away
I say that I must go to the toilet and then I go home
I like him just than a friend but it's okay so he is allowed to kiss me

Question 6:On the street you see a very sexy boy. He says that he is just here to visit someone or something. And he asks you about the right way. What do you say?
I say this streety are very difficult for an unknown so I go with him
I tell him how I think about him and invite him for a coffee
I explain him the right way and later I'm sad because I didn't talk a bit more with him
I ask him about his mobile telephone number and if we could see us again

Question 7:Your boyfriend says he has to go out in the evening, because he has to do something. You say "okay" but what do you really think or do?
I don't believe in him. I think he meets another girl and will have fun with her and...
I would be sad, because I think he will sleep with another one
I believe in him. What should I think else?
I don't need to be afraid. He says he must go, so he can go

Question 8:How is your dreamboy?
I take every boy! But I want someone!!!
He is romantic, tall, nice to me, faithful and popular
He is intelligent, romantic, funny and athletic
He is nice, sweet lookin', intelligent and faithful

Question 9:Your boyfriend is much older than you are. You live at home and your parents don't like him. "You aren't allowed to see him again", they say. What do you do?
I meet him secretly
I call my parents that I meet him! No matter what they say!
I tell him that we cannot see us again
I tell my parents what a great man he is

Question 10:Would you take every boy, if he just likes you?
Well, I must know him to build a good love
No, he should have much money!!
Yes, I need a boyfriend!
No, he should be how I want him

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