What kind of relationship do you want?
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What kind of relationship do you want?

That depends on who your dream guy is. Find out and take the test!

Question 1:   Pick one guy's facial characteristic:
strong chin
blue and dreamy eyes
full smile with red lips
goatee and small moustache
long hair and beard

Question 2:   Pick one date location:
classy cafe
crowded bar/club
expensive gourmet restaurant
Folk/Country festival
romantic sunset beach

Question 3:   What would you rather your dream guy comment about your looks?
"Hey babe, you look sexy"
"That dress looks great on you"
"You look healthy"
"Baby, you are so beautiful"
"You look lovely!"

Question 4:   Pick the best gift from your dream guy:
New comfortable shoes
A fancy night out
A romantic kiss
skimpy clothes

Question 5:   What kind of first impression would you like to give your dream guy?
fun and caring
pampered and sheltered
steadfast in emotions
sophisticated and sweet

Question 6:   When you are having trouble doing something, what would you like your dream guy to do?
say "Let's do it together"
say "Oh, you don't have to do that" and take you away
say "Here, let me help you with that"
let you do what you have to do
do it for you or get someone else to do it

Question 7:   Pick a compliment about the two of you:
"Their love is so strong"
"They are a nice couple"
"They make a great family"
"They are so happy and carefree"
"They look good together"

Question 8:   If you had to pick one, which would you rather people say about you two?
"They don't have good taste"
"They are not always happy"
"They don't care for each other emotionally"
"They don't love each other"
"They are too obsessed with each other"

Question 9:   Pick the best dinner arrangement with your dream guy:
He brings you to a restaurant
You cook and you both eat
Feed each other store-bought food
You cook and eat after him
Both of you cook and eat together

Question 10:   If you were to dance with him, how/where/to what would you dance?
waltz at home to a CD
a folk dance festival
grind to hiphop at a club
fast dance at a wedding party
waltz to classical at a ball

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