Which type of instrument player should you date?
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Which type of instrument player should you date?

Ever wondered what type of bandie is right for you? Well, if you have (or haven't) you should take this quiz to find out.

Question 1:   You go on a blind date with a guy. When you get home your roommate asks, "How was his kissing?" You answer
It was tight and dry
It was kind of sloppy but cute
It was so-so but I loved the way he held me
It was big and blubbery
It was okay

Question 2:   How would you describe the man of your dreams?
classy and motivated
egotistical and mean
"different"... just like you
annoying and more annoying...but not to you
easy going and cute

Question 3:   In the band room, he would sit where?
4th row, far left
4th row, middle
3rd row, far right
4th row, far right
4th row, right

Question 4:   How many slides does his instrument have?
How should I know?
1 main, 2 smaller
Um...I can't count that high...
4 or 5
1 really big that makes all the noise, 1 small

Question 5:   How loud does he play?
too quiet
Ridiculously loud
Sort of loud but not really
Just right

Question 6:   How big is his instrument (1=small, 5=huge)?

Question 7:   How big is he? (not to be taken that way, you pervert)
kind of tall
kind of small
short, but big enough to handle his instrument

Question 8:   Your choice of sound range is...
as low as you can go, man-lower

Question 9:   How big is his hole (I mean bell)?
kinda big, but flat
kinda big, and tubular
kinda small
small and cute
big, and long, and tubular, and very round

Question 10:   How many valves does he have?
none, he has a slide
none, he has rotors
three small ones
4 big ones
Uh, I'm not sure.

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