What's Your Type of Guy?
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What's Your Type of Guy?

Every girl looks for different things in a guy. Do you want a guy who is Smart? Funny? Wild?...etc. See what your real personal taste is.

Question 1:   You see your guy with his friends in the hall. He's the one:
Joking and making everyone laugh.
Rambling on about last nights football game.
Acting crazy and trying to get everyone's attention.
Standing quietly and listening to his friends stories.
Making fun of a younger student who tripped in the hallway.

Question 2:   His everyday style usually consists of:
A hooded sweater and basketball shorts or sweatpants. He likes to wear comfortable, athletic clothes.
A wife beater and cut off shorts. You love his "bad boy" style.
A nice shirt and pants...and cologne. He even smells hot!
Jeans, a tee shirt, and maybe a shell necklace or a baseball cap. He never tries too hard but still manages to look good.
Something different! He love to stand out in the crowd.

Question 3:   What are his after school activities?
Mall, movies...anything were he can hang out with people.
He works at Abercrombie & Fitch.
It doesn’t really matter but he never gets home till at least 1 A.M.
Practicing with his band to prepare for the rock show that weekend.
Football or basketball practice.

Question 4:   On your first date he takes you too:
His house to cuddle on the couch and watch Adam Sandler movies together.
Dinner and a movie.
An expensive candlelit dinner.
A local "Battle of the Bands" show. You both love the music and the energy.
Who knows? Its unpredictable but it'll probably be some wild party.

Question 5:   How does he do in school?
He's decent but that’s not really too important to him.
Well he's never really in class...
He does pretty good, but he's not like a genius or anything.
Straight A's. His dream is to get into an Ivy Leave college.
He's always joking around in class but he seems to do okay.

Question 6:   What do your parents think of him?
He was a little to wild for them at first, but they eventually warmed up to him.
Well you have to sneak out to see him but you love the adventure.
He's a little immature but his charm and sense of humor make them love him.
They think he's a pretty nice, respectable guy.
They think he's perfect and almost love him more than you do.

Question 7:   It's your birthday. The perfect gift from him to you would be:
A funny card and a stuffed animal.
Two tickets to a Linkin Park concert.
A CD made by him of all your favorite songs by his band.
A gift certificate to your favorite store.

Question 8:   What kind of car does he drive?
Jeep Wrangler.
An old school car from 1990 that he fixed up himself.
Toyota Camry.
Jeep Grand Cherokee.

Question 9:   What's the first thing you notice about him?
He doesn't care what anyone else thinks. He's such a rebel!
He's the most hilarious person you know.
He's popular...and the captain of the football team.
He's different from anyone else you know and he's a little out there.
He's smart and SEXY!

Question 10:   What are his dreams for the future?
To get a football scholarship in college and try to do well.
His longtime dream is to be a rockstar, famous or not.
Graduate from Harvard and become very successful.
To have fun in college, make tons of friends, and just live life to the fullest.
Who cares about the future? Just concentrate on today.

Question 11:   The best compliment that he could give you would be:
"You look absolutely gorgeous."
"I love your eyes and your smile."
"Damn girl, you look HOT."
"I've never met someone as fun and crazy as you."
"You're such a cutie, and you're hilarious!"

Question 12:   Where/When would you're first kiss be?
On your doorstep after your first date. You love how he's so traditional.
After he got off stage at a rock show with his band. He was amazing so you had to kiss him!
Sometime during your 3rd or 4th date after he says something really funny or nice to you. Aww!
At a party after he had been eyeing you the whole night.
In his car, in your driveway, right before he drops you off. A little awkward but sweet.

Question 13:   At a party, he's the one:
Umm...hosting the party! But most of the time he's hanging out with his friends.
Break dancing, while everyone stands around and cheers.
Standing in the corner (looking very good). He's not too big on parties but his friends made him come.
Trying to sneak beer in.
Being a big flirt!

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