Which Guy Would You Fall For?
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Which Guy Would You Fall For?

Do good guys win your heart or are rebels your cause? Do you fall for the popular ones?

Question 1:   You have a crush on:
your classmate who never really attend any of his classes. You just see him around with his friends outside, vandalising the campus.
the captain of your school's varsity. (Who doesn't?)
your chem lab partner. Doesn't he look cute in those safety goggles?

Question 2:   When your big date meets your parents, he:
Shake your parent's hands and tell them what a lovely home you have.
Why would he meet your parents? There's nothing they could talk about anyway.
Flashes a wide grin and treat them like they're not even adults.

Question 3:   You fantasize about:
Eminem's character in 8 Mile
Ben Foster's character in Get Over It
Daniel Radcliffe's Quidditch skills in Harry Potter

Question 4:   Your parents ______ approve of your boyfriends.

Question 5:   Your friends _______ the guys you date.
dream of snagging
are intimidated and slightly scared by

Question 6:   Your last boyfriend's all-time fave sport was:
Chess, it's really challenging because you actually use your brain.
Does drag racing count?
Either football, basketball or tennis, depending on the season.

Question 7:   You go for guys whose future plans would likely include:
College, then graduate and professional schools.
Having lots of people serving them and calling them "Boss"
throwing a massive rock concert/party in the abandoned building next Saturday night

Question 8:   When your date arrives, he:
rings your doorbell
throws pebbles at your window
beeps the horn so loud that all your neighbors stick their heads out

Question 9:   The best gift you could imagine your guy giving you is:
naming a comet after you
including your initials in his next tattoo
a nice gold bracelet or a cute stuff toy

Question 10:   What do your guy usually wear?
the latest fashion trend, the ones chicks SO adore!
his usual eyeglasses, fitted shirt and jeans
some leather jacket, cool ragged pants, a shirt w/c usually has some rude words/graphics as design, and some silver accessories. Oh, and he paints his nails black on some occasions!

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