What Kinds Of Guys Do I Attract?

Are you a female who's looking to find love (just like most of the rest of your species!) and wants to know what kinds of guys you attract? Take this test to find out. I'm a guy, so I have a pretty good idea of what my fellow guys are like. Tests made by girls can't do that.

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22 days ago
I got shy guy and Iโ€™m a shy girl myself.

22 days ago
I also got a shy guyโ€ฆ
25 days ago
I felt called out and attacked at first but then I realized it was true bc all my exes were ๐Ÿš”.
My result is valid lol
75 days ago
more shy, I guess thats ok
78 days ago
You should really put a larger variety of answers lmao
89 days ago
I got You don't have a high self-esteem. You might want to stay away from relationships until you get higher self-esteem. Your boyfriends could end up being neglectful or abusive. I don't want that for you. Be VERY careful about the guys you date.
So guess am going to be single forever ๐Ÿ˜Ÿ
99 days ago
I got shy guy.... I have a massive crush on a shy guy! Plus he seems to like me back :) wish me luck!
191 days ago
Female skeptic you describe me perfectly. Also for the hot gossip I got shy guy!!!
200 days ago
i think like 80% of the quiz takers got shyguy ๐Ÿ˜ณ
200 days ago
i am a dream come true only if magnus thought that he is the only dream come true around here i would kill for him to like me
ps read PLEASE READ THIS COMMENT at the bottem folow her twitter luna somthing
204 days ago
I got popular-
215 days ago
Also I think everyone got shy
215 days ago
I got shy, yes! My crush is very shy.
217 days ago
mE...I got a shy guy, ha ha! I feel like the types of girls that will get "shy guy" as their results are probably shy themselves, so they would NEVER ask their crush out in a MILLION YEARS xDxDxD! Or is that just me, lol?
217 days ago
I got shy but
222 days ago
I got shy guys
244 days ago
Ok so I got shy guys and I wonder if that's true. If I attract shy guys then that explains why I'm single, the guys are way too shy to talk to me or say something lol./j but not really :(. I kinda have a confession. I think a guy at work is low-key into me. He started saying hi to me out of nowhere and I catch him checking me out but because my deranged๐Ÿš”can't take a hint I kinda avoided his eye contact and just smile or laugh when he says anything. Now, recently when I go to work, it seems like he hides from me or avoids eye contact, and IDK how to bounce back from that. He is cute and sweet and doesn't really talk with anyone. What do I do? LOL this is a really odd place to post this but i needed to release it to someone. Hope you enjoyed my story/struggle. Stay safe guys โ™ก
247 days ago
mE. I got a shy guy,how do I even ask him out, it'd be crazy if he doesn't like me back..
262 days ago
mE. I'm nervous to ask him out. how should I do it?
266 days ago
I got a mean one. but im so nice!