What Kinds Of Guys Do I Attract? Quiz

Are you a female who's looking to find love (just like most of the rest of your species!) and wants to know what kinds of guys you attract?

Take this test to find out. I'm a guy, so I have a pretty good idea of what my fellow guys are like. Tests made by girls can't do that.

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835 days ago
I got shy, yes! My crush is very shy.
836 days ago
mE...I got a shy guy, ha ha! I feel like the types of girls that will get "shy guy" as their results are probably shy themselves, so they would NEVER ask their crush out in a MILLION YEARS xDxDxD! Or is that just me, lol?
837 days ago
I got shy but
842 days ago
I got shy guys
863 days ago
Ok so I got shy guys and I wonder if that's true. If I attract shy guys then that explains why I'm single, the guys are way too shy to talk to me or say something lol./j but not really :(. I kinda have a confession. I think a guy at work is low-key into me. He started saying hi to me out of nowhere and I catch him checking me out but because my deranged๐Ÿคcan't take a hint I kinda avoided his eye contact and just smile or laugh when he says anything. Now, recently when I go to work, it seems like he hides from me or avoids eye contact, and IDK how to bounce back from that. He is cute and sweet and doesn't really talk with anyone. What do I do? LOL this is a really odd place to post this but i needed to release it to someone. Hope you enjoyed my story/struggle. Stay safe guys โ™ก
867 days ago
mE. I got a shy guy,how do I even ask him out, it'd be crazy if he doesn't like me back..
882 days ago
mE. I'm nervous to ask him out. how should I do it?
886 days ago
I got a mean one. but im so nice!
886 days ago
I got shy guys
Nooooo i hate'em they ruin my life
Aske them out??!?!??!??
Ur dreaming babeh.
Never. In. Mah. Life.
And also... everybody who got "shy" PLEASE write "mE" in the begginning of ur next comment.
And if yall got athletic PLEASE write "Me" in the begginning of ur next comment.
I will rly, rly appreciate it.
Cuz i wonder if the only 2 choice of the guys r shy and athletic
P. S.-(if u want) follow my twitter:@Luna19727664
891 days ago
I attract shy guys and I am a dream come true?
892 days ago
I mean, I'm okay with attracting shy guys. But asking THEM out on a date? Sorry, I'm way too shy...not gonna happen.
901 days ago
You are practically a dream come true.ย 
The lies-

909 days ago
Since when am I a dreamboat? Iโ€™m stubborn and practical. And intelligent. But a dreamboat? Certainly not.
950 days ago
I love guys who are smart AND cute and the guy i am crushing on right now is pretty much both, looks like they like me to: Ready to find out the kind of guys you attract? Ahhh. You're in the "in crowd," but you will be most likely to attract smarter, more athletic guys. Lucky for you, you will have longer, more stable relationships than many others. Fewer ups and downs is a good thing, right?
953 days ago
I juat stay away from "love" cause some guys can be ๐Ÿ’‘. Or they could just straight up break you into a million peices.
970 days ago
Seriously! It got it completely wrong! It says I attract shy boys but I actually attract really athletic boys. Like all the boys that did soccer or basketball at my school LOVED me, even though I am super shy and don't do much sports! I don't even know why I bothered to do this quiz!
981 days ago
Lol I got I attract shy guys! I have a crush on a sorta shy guy from school!!
991 days ago
I don't know who I like,I just have mini crushes on ppl. Lol.
1040 days ago
hope i mean, since school stop my mind turned off
1040 days ago
all true btw, although there is someone i'm after... i wonder if he likes me. Who knows! i hoop he does