What Guy Is Right For Me? Quiz

Are you looking for your perfect match, but just keep choosing the wrong guys to date? Wow, is this ever common! Don't feel alone. Just take this quiz and find out how to find him. You know, THE ONE! Who needs Match.com when you have this quiz?:-)

  • 1
    Which do you first notice in a guy?
    Which do you first notice in a guy?
  • 2
    "I hate guys who are..."
  • 3
    Which of these characteristics do you most want your guy to have?

  • 4
    Which iconic movie couple do you most admire?
  • 5
    Which matters most to you?
  • 6
    "I like a guy who's..."

  • 7
    Which of these kinds of guys are you most used to dating?
  • 8
    Which of these celebrity couples do you like most?
  • 9
    How long was your most recent relationship?
  • 10
    Where would your perfect match take you on a first date?

  • 11
    At school, he's:
  • 12
    Which of these celebrity guys do you think would be the best match for you?
  • 13
    What do you classify yourself as?
  • 14
    How many boyfriends have you had?
  • 15
    What's your favorite music?

Comments (46)


206 days ago
I'm a loner 😘 and i got the class clown or the jerk...i find myself falling in love with the guy that doesn't have emotions and that is really sweet ..i hate jerks....srsly inaccurate quiz!
234 days ago
but I also like the type of guy who stays away from people and hides their emotions, cuz I like helping them and to make them feel comfortable
234 days ago
It said I should go for the class clowns… that’s funny, cuz I have a crush on one… lol
256 days ago
So I guess I’m “THE FEMALE DAWG” but- I pressed- h uh- well I guess a class jockey is the only lover boy for me 😔
315 days ago
Hmmm....I mean, this is accurate, but bad advice. It told me I like the popular, hot, and cute boys but to go for the class clowns??? Like no
319 days ago
I like this guy and he is so cute he always makes me laugh his parents like me he dose taekwondo and he has this friend that likes me to so I was lying down with his best friend to make him jealous
319 days ago
This girl I like is so cute but all my friends have a cherish on her she dose taekwondo and she plays soccer and her birthday is the same mouth as mine
335 days ago
Okay my score is nt clear im a loner.. A bad boy??? WHO LIKE SRLY?!?!?!
412 days ago
okay IM A Bad girl and now a class clown no
454 days ago
what again!?
454 days ago
;-; why do I like the class clown when there’s no class clown only a girl that is a clown ;-;
471 days ago
I'm a straight cis male, I don't know why i'm taking this,
525 days ago
My crush! I can't mention his name bcoz my mom is watching. He is my best partner, bt his parents want a same caste girl 😣I'll never leave him I can't 😭Pls give a good idea for me Why should he not accept the caste system in his house?😭😭I can't live without him...i love so much I want my Bby 😔
530 days ago
I got Im a down to earth person someone people love to be around, I should date guys who are funny who make me smile all the time and compliment me
And that I should go for the class clown. I honestly agree with everything except for the class clown thing, I don't believe class clowns should be a thing lol.
628 days ago
I like guys who are funny but not guys who are clowns because thats just an insult.I got the class clow but I dont like it,I want a guy who likes me obviously and is funny (not like a clown,smart,strong,attractive,and is cute to me.) When I get married,im muslim anyways.
695 days ago
I still love my ex
838 days ago
If anyone’s wondering (idk why) my type is:
Obviously somebody who balances out both funny and hot. I don’t want someone who depends on one quality. I don’t care what they wear, as long as it’s bearable. Aaand am I the only girl that has this obsession with funny black-haired guys? I don’t know where it came from, and obsession is a little too much, but I love anything I can take from that. Especially if they come to me, I’ve always come to others, and tbh it’s not fun being all the work in a relationship so I NEED to be an equal balance. I love being sarcastic with the funny guy, and watching the look on his face. My fantasy is to just have someone to laugh about ALL the 🐤 with me
975 days ago
Hi this is my first try I'm 13. There's no boys in my school. But I'm friends with one boy, he's my neighbor. I have a question that if I'm attractive. I'm nervous what will be for me in the future. I feel like a loner. But I'm not I have many amazing friends who always care for me, and I'm thankful!💖. Hope for the best for Yall girls out there struggling.
996 days ago
How does one love when shes been hurt dissapointed let down am not a bad person i just fear letting someone in
996 days ago
Perfection is only seen by those who truly fell inlove and see there life with that person till death