Who Is My Ideal Boyfriend Type? Quiz

Girls, are you confused about what kind of guy you should date? Tired of horrible, embarrassing, time-wasting date fails? This quiz will help you figure out what kind of guy is right for you! Try it now and you'll thank me later! (OK, I really hope you will!:-) Good luck!

  • 1
    Which describes your personality best?
    Which describes your personality best?
  • 2
    What's your dream date? Pick the closest.
  • 3
    Which would you like to do most?

  • 4
    What would you do in a situation where your crush is flirting with your best friend?
  • 5
    Which do you find most attractive about guys? Pick the closest.
  • 6
    What kind of music genres do you like?

  • 7
    What would you do if your crush admitted he had a thing for you, too?
  • 8
    What are your favorite color(s)?
  • 9
    What is/are your favorite object(s)?
  • 10
    Last question: What is your self-esteem like?

Comments (43)


808 days ago
I like guys that are funny and outgoing but also sweet and caring. Btw Im also clingy and spoiled XD
814 days ago
i like the guy who is super cute,fun guy and at the same time who is too shy and who is there always for you,who understand what i feel and intelligent,and the main thing having a nice body
872 days ago
Me, a dude:
"Ah yes, that test seems very interesting"👁️👄👁️
Lmao, i mean I'm bi but still-
876 days ago
I want a cute and fun guy who is also sweet.
884 days ago
I want a boyfriend that it a county boy that cute loyal love to get muddy and have fun with me and my parents like him
889 days ago
I got sensitive, shy, and understanding one.
918 days ago
Got my PERFECT match
933 days ago
I want a boyfriend that cares funny and cute and loves me more than enything
946 days ago
i just want someone who loves me as much as i luv them...
947 days ago
I feel like some boys will ask u then never talk to u
951 days ago
I am 11 and I want a boyfriend.
971 days ago
I want my love story to be like Twilight. I am waiting for you my love................
980 days ago
So... a nice, sensitive guy or a rebel (I tied)

Wouldn’t mind either!! Tbh I’m pretty sensitive and quiet and I’d like someone who loves me for who I am, maybe someone more confident than myself..... nice quiz anyways!
981 days ago
cool ideas and can you add more choices
1089 days ago
I don't. Have a boyfriend yet i have tried to get one but no boy likes me more than a friend and none.of them at my school are cute they are all ugly not trying to be mean by saying boys are not cute but. I like short people and tall people.
1143 days ago
mine said he'd be artsy. my crush is sporty though :(
1219 days ago
the perfect guy for me is one that is crazy likes comedys and jokes around
1239 days ago
My dream Boyfriend~
~Shy, Quiet, Intelligent, Mysterious, Peaceful
~Vegan, Mature, Artsy, Understanding
~Likes Art, 1960’s music, cares about plants and animals
~Plays Ukulele and writes poems and songs for me

~gives warm, gentle hugs
~Is a sweetheart!
~Introvert, awkward, but never around me.

I want a hippie boy friend with a calm mindset that would cuddle me forever and luv me!!! I want to be able to talk to him and care for him!
1585 days ago
i always feel like i have no true friends but the way i feel every now and then i feel like my true friends are always around me but i just don't know it and i have a crush on like 7 guys
1639 days ago
Got wat I can relate to

Ps when I reached the question “how would u react if u say ur crush flirting with ur bff my eyes went as big as saucers coz day actually happened to and from dat day onwards he’s been ignoring me and it’s rlly hard to think of it coz he knows I like him and he also like be well he used to anyways but something just changed an idk wat happened

Or maybe I’m not giving him much attention OR he could be doing it to make me jealous if so then it definitely worked

#needhelp xx