Which boy will fall in love with you?

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Which guy will fall head-over-heels for you?

  • 1
    Which sport is your favorite?
  • 2
    In class do you....
  • 3
    Which bathing suit would you wear?

  • 4
    How do you wear your hair?
  • 5
    Favorite Food?
  • 6
    What shoes do you wear?

  • 7
    Favorite hairstyle on a boy?
  • 8
    Favorite eye color on a boy?
  • 9
    Have you ever had a boyfriend?
  • 10
    Favorite Thing?

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30 days ago
Romantic Guy With Big Cheat
192 days ago
I got the artsy boy although I find i get crushes on bad boys. but i am artsy.
250 days ago
hahhhahaha actually i don´t have crush in reality but i just wanted to know hm.. and also i know that i like tough boys😌
263 days ago
Which boy will fall in love with you?
For 50% you are: The artsy Boy
Mysterious and sweet, he is all around attractive. He finds your creativity a turn on!
38% of 33039 quiz participants had this profile!
Yay :D
334 days ago
Certificate: Test results
Which boy will fall in love with you?
For 30% you are: The Smart Boy
No nerds here! He is sweet, a good student, and loves your quirky personality and spirit.
25% of 32551 quiz participants had this profile!

Your score wasn't clear.

You could also get this result:
For 30% you are: The artsy Boy

Mysterious and sweet, he is all around attractive. He finds your creativity a turn on!

Take this quiz: Which boy will fall in love with you?

Is what I got.
485 days ago
So I got nerd which I don't have a crush because when I did he called me a 🕊 but he liked me and now he gives me deaths stares and IDK if he still does but I don't mind. I just live my life and girls you don't need a man to be happy let the man find u. He who steals your heart is the one who is worthy of it. Good luck in life
577 days ago
The results gave me the exact description of my crush who all of these tests (and my friends) say LOVES me.
683 days ago
I got an artsy boy :) well looks like I’m a smiley potato now
898 days ago
A smart boy but NOT. A NERD!!my type of guy
922 days ago
Okay well anyway I got all three of them! But you know what I like Vampires! The one named Fen, Blue eyes, brown locks of hair falling apart his face, cherry-red lips and maybe clear shaved with dark eyebrows and deep piercing eyes. The one way mystrious. Prince of War. whO CAN KILL 100 for me but can't kill 100 innocents for me!
947 days ago
It said artsy ...... usually says bad boys ok I guess
967 days ago
Does Claire mean “jerk”, or “jock”?
982 days ago
Okay... so my results where unclear
1027 days ago
Honestly i think this test is wrong... my boyfriend is plays the violin and makes me laugh! :)
This test said "Artsy" YEAH RIGHT!!
1034 days ago
I got The Smart Boy. I think this is a 100% true. maybe...
1083 days ago
I got sporty boy
1113 days ago
I got popular boy

I'm nowhere near popular
1142 days ago
Sporty boy. I have ask him out he said Maybe❤
1558 days ago
50/50 sporty and artist but at school I like a sporty guy and we are friends. What do I do I am scared to ask him out
1676 days ago
The Popular boy? Uhm...okay. And actually I'm not a social butterfly, maybe if they are new students, otherwise, not a social butterfly