What Type Of Guy Do I Attract?

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Attracting the wrong type of guy can cause complications in love. So what kind of vibe are you putting out there? If you provide honest answers, this test can tell you what kind of guy you attract and help you take control of your love life.

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    What style does your ideal boyfriend/husband have?
    What style does your ideal boyfriend/husband have?

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20 hours ago
um apparently I attract douche bags-
I got geeks. Not bad I guess.
3 days ago
I attract Prince Charming, which had me verrrry pleased😜
4 days ago
4 days ago
I attract bad boys lol. eeeeeee I really do like bad boys tho.
5 days ago
I attack geeks?! TnT i mean, their ok but still
5 days ago
Yay bad boys my boy best friend is one opps
9 days ago
who else picked jack from the titanic...
9 days ago
i think the exact same thing. as long as they're a basketball or swimmer and are sweet they're my prince charming!
11 days ago
For 38% you are: Diagnosis: You Attract Bad Boys,heck yeah!!
36 days ago
I mean, they are not wrong.... I love prince charming and best of all, if they play guitar so they could sing with me and also be an athlete (swimmer or Basketball) : ) I'm so happy! My crush plays guitar, is a swimmer and plays basketball and also is a caring boy who not only looks good but also is a good person!
40 days ago
For 31% you are: Diagnosis: You Attract Bad Boys

Do you ever find yourself caught up in a relationship where you care more than your boyfriend does? Do your relationships start out thrilling, but end up detached or even abusive? Well, you're the type who attracts bad boys. Whether you realize it or not, on the inside of every girl like you is a hopeless romantic. With hearts of gold and heightened sensitivity, these girls tend to be selfless to their men because of their undying love. But what girls like you don't realize is, these guys are like aliens - they have a different agenda. Men like this are usually sexist, uncultured and crude. They will not impress anyone or get anywhere in life. No - they are too self-centered for that. Their goal is to enjoy life, cruising through with as little work to do as possible.

The main difference between girls like you and girls who don't get approached by bad boys is confidence. Bad boys prey on any sort of insecurities they can find. Confidence will always drive bad boys away, because they are internally quite afraid of confident women! They don't want the next networking billionaire or his dazzling, cultured wife knocking him off his high horse! Working on confidence will do the trick for you - however, you need to be confident in things other than how you look. Are you creative? Are you smart? Are you charismatic? Recognize your talents and put all your effort into your newfound hobby. Enjoy meeting true friends in an innocent setting and try indulging in things other than dating, partying and Instagram! It's your time to shine, girl, and when you do, you'll notice a dramatic change in both yourself and the men you attract!

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For 31% you are: Diagnosis: You attract Douchebags and Players

Do you often enjoy quick, fleeting and passionate relationships or hook-ups? Do you find yourself getting cheated on often? Have you ever knowingly been a home-wrecker, or someone who has cheated with another person? The men you attract are players - an evolved version of the bad boy. But unlike bad boys, players realize there is a world around them that isn't centered on them. They do aspire to be someone, someday - just not right now. Their teens and 20s are about partying, living it up, and hooking up! These guys don't evolve until their 20s are long gone, and even then, they are prone to cheating and getting divorced from their wives.

You are the type of woman who has quick and passionate feelings. You may be guarded and emotionally break down if he isn't head-over-heels in love with you. And whether you actually like him or not, that's when you do whatever you can to make him really yours - not realizing that he is slowly losing respect for you as he sweet-talks himself into your heart.

Unless you actually enjoy the thought of hooking up, you are probably not going to like this answer. To start off, gain confidence in something other than your looks or social abilities. A hobby and close female friends are important, as they keep you focused on yourself and your life. Real men want independent women who can hold their ground and maintain respect. We want you to realize that, when it comes to first impressions, men do not fall in love the same way girls do. When you're thinking the two of you have an immediate spiritual connection, a man's initial reaction is sexual. (Unless he is intimidated and acts completely dumbfounded that you're even talking to him.) Making a man fall in love requires a little bit of push and pull, whether you realize it or not. Although you might have talked to him first, he needs to pursue you. There is no way a man can fall in love in three days. Falling in true love requires a few months, at least. You need to be usually unavailable for him. However, when you are together, turning on the charm is a must. Show him that he knows how to make you happy. Boss him around playfully. (Men subconsciously want to serve women.) Touch him, and above all else, understand him. Listen, and only give advice when he asks. Have fun. Beat him at something you both love to do. Have😘with him only when he makes you feel good, and only after the first few months of rejection. True love doesn't happen through manipulation, and the last thing a new relationship needs is a scandalous start. It's time for you to go settle yourself down. Chat with your girlfriends on the phone. It's time for you to ground your life and find a real boyfriend. DON'T READ THIS PLEASE
41 days ago
I got Geek! this would explain why my last 2 boyfriends where geeks- but my last geek boyfriend was VERY cute
41 days ago
I got prince charming whoop whoop!!
43 days ago
I got geek. But I don't like guys...
43 days ago
i got a bad boy yay!
43 days ago
I GOT GEEK AND I SAW HIM BEFORE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!
43 days ago
I got bad boys and I LIKE the pickure
44 days ago
I got geek... Someone help 😭
46 days ago
I got Douchebags and Players. God help me.