What Type Of Guy Do I Attract?

Attracting the wrong type of guy can cause complications in love. So what kind of vibe are you putting out there? If you provide honest answers, this test can tell you what kind of guy you attract and help you take control of your love life.

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    What style does your ideal boyfriend/husband have?
    What style does your ideal boyfriend/husband have?

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48 days ago
I got almost different kind of guys lol but one stands out😉!
77 days ago
yas girls i got prine charming!!!
85 days ago
I got Prince Charming somehow. Not sure if this is true, but time will tell ig.
90 days ago
I got players and douche bags oh no 😭😭😭😭
107 days ago
Oops ignore dat end lol XD
107 days ago
Prince Charming lol
128 days ago
25% bad boy, 25% player and 25% mr ego i just attract jerks i guess lmao
133 days ago
I got Prince Charming ❤
136 days ago
Hey girls I got prince charming am not really sure if that's what I want but what ever happens happen for a reason.
136 days ago
I got bad boy... so I am soo happy... I am a little shy and all but never thought I would get that.. I have date few boys and nearly all of them ended up dumping me because they say I am manipulative... so I can pretty sure I need re take that quiz... Though LOVE you quiz!!!!!!!!!!!
147 days ago
i didnt get what i thought but thats ok! NERDS are COOL! now i got someone to play v games with XuX i thought i'd get goth or bad boy.
153 days ago
I’m with the NeRdS, I got geeks and I’m one myself!
161 days ago
Bad boys
It's true every relationship I've been in was with a bad boy
168 days ago
Ok, so I got bad boys or players... So right tho im more of the player haha! Xx
171 days ago
I got geek and I'm happy with that because my crush is a bit geeky and so am i so I think that could be a good match 💕
173 days ago
I got prince charming and I think its kinda true
174 days ago
great.i got geeks. gaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa ah
177 days ago
I got "bAd BoYs" and i normally like the quiet/introverted ones
179 days ago
i got players... im scared...i like more guys that are more introverted tho not the POPULAR KIND..
lowkey kill meh 😑
179 days ago
You attract Prince Charming

thought i like emo guys more...dont rly like "prince charming" guys..ive met one and he was full of himself...hate ppl like that...also i feel like the answers to the questions made me a bit confused bc i dont think about money or if he has a good money status or job...i dont rly care about his looks either as long as i can trust him fully and know that i can always count on him its fine for me.. not the "🍦 boy" type...