What Type Of Guy Do I Attract? Quiz

Attracting the wrong type of guy can cause complications in love. So, what kind of vibe are you putting out there? If you provide honest answers, this quiz to find what kind of guy you attract can help you take control of your love life.

What will make a guy your Prince Charming? Someone who'll watch Grey's Anatomy with you in your spare time? Who has a nice car for you to be seen in? Maybe something as simple as not having to play hard to get will do it for you?
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    What style does your ideal boyfriend/husband have?
    What style does your ideal boyfriend/husband have?

Comments (400)


4 days ago
prince charming sucks
15 days ago
Omg i attract geeks that’s so i dunno
18 days ago
i hate geekkkkkkkkkkkksss why why why what even is a geek sound WEIRD ALREADY GIRLY
102 days ago
I got Prince Charming
112 days ago
I got douchbags and players
148 days ago
I got geeks and prince charming's but I'm ugly af.
154 days ago
Geeks! Yay! My crush is a geek. 😁
173 days ago
lol i attract bad boys
176 days ago
Daammnn i got bad boys! Its kinda true lol... but their description of them is WAYYYYY off.
200 days ago
Ooohh I got prince charming!!!
226 days ago
Egotistical they have always been my type
243 days ago
I didn't think I attract geeeeeks all the boys I've attracted aren't geeks
254 days ago
I attract ✨bad boys✨
288 days ago
Prince charming
296 days ago
I got geeks, never thought about that as my type!!!
312 days ago
I GOT GEEKSsssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss ssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss sssssssssssssssssssssssss
313 days ago
This is a very small minded test. All ab girls liking guys, and nothing ab ppl liking other ppl of the same gender. Ofc this is my opinion
320 days ago
I got geeks, cool, not sure if the guy I like is a geek tho? I have a few male friends that are geeks but they're with someone already so :> Sadd, he's from Missouri :< I try to talk to him often, but because of my activities I can't :C
347 days ago
I attract geeks? Lol
350 days ago
i attract geeks lol. did not expect that XD