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Create Your Dream Guy

Is he romantic? Compassionate? Sweet? Will he hold your hand when you're scared? Is he hilarious, always playing pranks (never mean ones, though)? Does he always ask how your day was before telling you about his? Does he try to help, no matter the issue at hand? Does he always make sure to please you in bed?

Well, whatever you want him to be, he CAN be! Create your dream man right here and now!

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    Where do you first meet?

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276 days ago
I got Sam -_- My actual crushes name :'(
286 days ago
I got callum! (.^ ^.)
286 days ago
I got Sam (。•̀ᴗ-)✧
454 days ago
I got Calum(~ ̄▽ ̄)~ (☆▽☆)
527 days ago
I personally couldn't stand this quiz. It didn't give me any options that I wanted, like, where's the personality part of it? None of them were cocky which sucked like heck. Why isn't there an Ozzy from Survivor section?!!!!!
693 days ago
I got Oliver! He is apparently very sweet and has blond hair and is popular
768 days ago
Sam! I got Sam! I wasn't sure at first,but now...
798 days ago
I got oliver
910 days ago
For 70% you are: Are you ready to hear the 411 (that's info) about your Dream Guy? Here it is....You got Sam! He's kind, sweet, good-hearted, caring, loves to cuddle and always there for you. You can trust him with your life. What a catch he is! Good for you! Don't let him get away or you'll miss him forever!
954 days ago
Uhhhh Calum! Good thing is that I know what the THING is.. S**. Anyways ok?
976 days ago
I got Sam! I would like him to be super romantic in bed. But super shy and kind out of bed. And he loves to cuddle!
1049 days ago
40% Sam
40% Oliver
20% Dan
0% Calum

Sounds about right.
Oooophelikesme I totally agree. 😁😁😁
1109 days ago
What does “how big is his smile” even mean? Do people actually measure how wide there mouths are 🙄
Oh and I got Sam
1122 days ago
I got Dan! Rough and dangerous on the outside but romantic sweet heart on the inside. XD love it!!!
1210 days ago
Oh my gosh finally a quiz has the category “cute nerd”. Yesssss!
1272 days ago
Wow. I don’t get why there’s names, but my 60% basically described my crush. Also, why did they include Calum if I have him 0%?
1433 days ago
”Calum is all about the sexual side of a relationship. He loves to show everyone that you belong to him, and always makes out with you in public. Whenever he's around you, he's hot. So you happily oblige him. You are amazing in bed together.” Uhm...okay that’s a little too much for me to handle... and I’m scared 😖
1873 days ago
I knew it was Ash, it's such a description of 5SOS members
1878 days ago
1927 days ago
I understand some questions were not needed but it’s the internet. Where you have young kids running around who haven’t obviously been taught about💝in which their act in a immature way about it. What do u expect? Why the heck are there these kids on quizzes like this?