What's Your Type of Boy? Find Out by Taking This Quiz!

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The elusive search for the perfect guy! Whether you're drawn to the intellectual charm of a nerd, the physical allure of a jock, the rustic magnetism of a country boy, or perhaps something entirely different, we've got a quiz designed to delve deep into your romantic preferences. Consider this your virtual matchmaker, sifting through different archetypes to help you find that dream guy you've been pining for. And don't worry, we'll also sprinkle in some love tips and flirting advice to help you navigate the complex world of dating. So go ahead, click through these questions and let's find out what your heart truly desires!

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    Which of these do you look for most in a guy?

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2605 days ago
You're destined for an emo guy! You love the dark and brooding type and would LOVE to slit my throat for making this quiz. So true!
2619 days ago
I never went out with a country boy and I like horses and ride them, but that doesn't mean I'm into country boys. (I ride english)
2620 days ago
lol. country boy im a country girl but i never went out with country boy...
2626 days ago
I like Joseph we.are both in year7 and I ave ad a crush on him 4 8years
2626 days ago
I like kaden he is soooo cute
2626 days ago
Hi! Someone please reply. :)
2626 days ago
I am not that surprised.
You love Nerds!
Sweet, geeky guys are your perfect match, and you would love to squish by with a pile of library books for making this quiz.
2630 days ago
lol this is sooo true. "You love Country Boys! The hard-working farm boys are most definitely the ones for you, and you would love to fun my over with your tractor and feed me to your horse for making this quiz.