What's YOUR type of boy? Find out with this quiz!

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Is your dream guy a shy and sweet nerd? Or a strong and handsome jock? Take this quiz to find YOUR match!

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    What do you look for in a guy?

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39 days ago
i got 60% jock i mean they are cute ;)
127 days ago
oh MY goshhh!! I got country boi but like ive never met a counttry boy but like now i kinda wanna?????????😏
any country kids got DATING ADVICE??
156 days ago
I'm actually not into nerds. I don't like reading. (I think it's boring) I mostly like calm, caring guys who have eyes like an angel
292 days ago
Question: "When will you go to third base with him?"
Options/Answer: "...I love Jesus, and I don't want to go to hell like the 😘, so..."

This is so sickening and disgusting. A huge misrepresentation of Christians. Just because there are some few Christians who behave and think in such a vile and judgemental manner does not mean every other Christian is the same. In an era where we see stereotyping people leading to racial discrimination and prejudice causing divisions in countries and the world as a whole resulting in violence and conflicts; the statement is ignorant and inappropriate.
P.S. Majority of the religions in the world discourage sexual intimacy before marriage. There was no need to bring up Jesus like that. BLASPHEMY!!!
320 days ago
It said geeky boys who like to read. For real not my type.
529 days ago
I like sweet couler like light blue
686 days ago
hell emo guy? noooooo wayyyyyy
783 days ago
I really liked this quiz, I wonder why there was no choice saying;
'I loved this!'
but I liked it anyways... :)
854 days ago
It says I'm into Jocks! Oh HECK NO! Not true , I'm sorry
942 days ago
Noooo!!! I do not like GEEKY guys!!! Eeewww!!!😏 no. Mine is a cowboy. He's good at basketball and football. He works out and is fit like NO OTHER. 😘😘
1295 days ago
I only like hot guys with abs and guys who can make everybody drool...so geeky guys? I don't think so
2167 days ago
Love Kevin for 4 years
2261 days ago
Geeky is tots not my thing. I want the absolute hottest of guys jesus. Some people just don't know what others want.
2274 days ago
Nice job. ( guys check out my bro YouTube Tanner Braungardt
2280 days ago
For ur first quiz-it's really good! Nice job
2289 days ago
Haha love this quiz it seemed so accurate to I doooo love country boys as I live on a farm!!❤😅💖
2298 days ago
You're destined for an emo guy! You love the dark and brooding type and would LOVE to slit my throat for making this quiz. So true!
2312 days ago
I never went out with a country boy and I like horses and ride them, but that doesn't mean I'm into country boys. (I ride english)
2313 days ago
lol. country boy im a country girl but i never went out with country boy...
2319 days ago
I like Joseph we.are both in year7 and I ave ad a crush on him 4 8years