What Is My Type Of Guy? 💕 Girls Only

You're a straight girl looking for someone to love.
So which kind of boy is your type? Is he funny and lovable, a jock, a nerd, or shy and reserved?
Based on your experience or what you feel drawn to, you might already have some idea, or you might end up being completely surprised by your result!
Did your ex ruin your type for you? Or have you never been in a relationship and just don't know?
No problem, the answer is right here! Just take the test and find out what who's your type! 👩‍❤️‍👨

  • 1
    Which of these colors do you like best?
    Which of these colors do you like best?
  • 2
    How do you handle embarrassment?
  • 3
    Which of these is the most attractive to you?

  • 4
    Which color eyes are the most attractive to you?
  • 5
    Hair preference?
  • 6
    Which of these habits is cutest?

  • 7
    Which of these would you rather have?
  • 8
    Which of these is the WORST pickup line?
  • 9
    Which of these is the BEST pickup line?
  • 10
    Which of these pet names would he most likely give you? (If you don't know what pet name means, it's basically a nickname your bae would give you, but only he would ever use it)

  • 11
    What do you do on Friday nights?
  • 12
    Which of these songs is best?
  • 13
    Do you love yourself?
  • 14
    Do you believe in love?
  • 15
    What do you expect from a boyfriend?

Comments (113)


2396 days ago
I put nerdy and would talk to me and i got a jock?
2398 days ago
I no have crush wat I do?????? I am a 🥔 potato
2401 days ago
I got jock someone who is athletic but not too popular and loves to go to parties but not stay out all night
2402 days ago
I got shy type mostly I am shy around people
2402 days ago
I got nerd but I love hot Latin guys
2404 days ago
I got nerd and my crush is like a badboy and jock
2406 days ago
My boyfriend is a nerd and I got a jock. WHAT IN THE WORLD DO YOU SAY TO THAT !
2406 days ago
I got nerd so not my type but my friend would so suit it my crush is an athlete and he's really hot and cute
2407 days ago
i was hoping for an egotistical European albino * cou gh *
2407 days ago
i got nerdy. my crush is a sporty dude. he is a soccer player and sooo funny. he played a cruel joke on me wich i hated at the time but when i think of it well....;) awwwwww! donavan!!!
2414 days ago
Wait, no, not a horse rider!!
2414 days ago
#starts jumping and screaming
2416 days ago
im like under ten i dont like a boy exsited to see results
2418 days ago
Who ever made this screw you
2418 days ago
If got nerds I mean it's not the worst thing in the world I L♥️VE reading books but I don't really like Star Wars the guy I like is kinda a nerd but he is a really cute one!
2419 days ago
OMGosh i tots got a nerd like i was tots expecting a jock i mean a nerd thats tots gross i mean starwas tots eww tots a disgrace tots gross
2419 days ago
what the jock????? hell no, party boy ain't for me... I though I might get nerd or shy....pfft
2422 days ago
i got jockey type! i am super happy with my results! the guy i like is an athlete, and so am i! 100% correct :)
2422 days ago
I got the wrong results I'm not into nerds , I'm into popular guys/jocks
2422 days ago
Totally him.i 💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤u ethan malhiputu