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Who Is My Dream Guy? Quiz

Have you ever wondered what kind of guy is the best one for you? Tired of experiencing one date fail after the other?

Well, this quiz will help you discover your ideal type of partner! Save yourself the time and heartache of dating the wrong ones - take my quiz now!

  • 1
    Which do you think is most important in a partner?
    Which do you think is most important in a partner?
  • 2
    What type of personality should he have?
  • 3
    What eye color should he have?

  • 4
    Long-term relationship, or just a fling?
  • 5
    Most romantic thing he could do? Pick the one that looks the best to you.
  • 6
    Does he love you?

  • 7
    Does fitness matter?
  • 8
    What hair color?
  • 9
    SO...let's get into the gross stuff. Pick a quality in bed.
  • 10
    What kind of wedding?

  • 11
    How do you want to feel when you're with him?

Comments (18)


691 days ago
Why is this so sexualized what if im ace or in a platonic relationship
697 days ago
Your guy is absolutely PERFECT. He's gorgeous and sensitive, but not overly emotional. He's a dreamer, and very optimistic. He will love you until the end of time. He's also loyal and intelligent.

...so basically out of my league? Lmao
703 days ago
I have this crush on a equatorial guinea guy in my geography class his so cute!(je!) I think i love him and his just the right #dreamguy(mi amor!) for me but i'm to shy to approach him... and there so juju puta trying to take him away but it will never work.!!!
801 days ago
he is sensitive, intelligent and super sweet :) HA BEAT THAT
873 days ago
I love wearing boy clothes and he thinks I should like PINK
935 days ago
Haha! My guy is #Perfect
1154 days ago
I really enjoy the test so much
1264 days ago
I love my result!
1284 days ago
Your perfect guy is PERFECT. He's gorgeous, sensitive but not too emotional. He is a dreamer, and very optimistic. He will love you until the end of time, he's loyal and intelligent.
1356 days ago
how about some arousing in the tub am i right ladies]
1555 days ago
Nerdy **
1555 days ago
Hmmm Nesbit but I’m the good way sounds perfect for me!!!
1559 days ago
It totally describes him..
Like OMG..
2003 days ago
My dream guy would be someone who looks like
The Martinez twins
2043 days ago
that totally describes myboyfriend! (WTH have you beenstalking???!!!)
2055 days ago
my dream guy
2067 days ago
describes my boyfriend perfectly. loyal, adorable, and perfect in every way
2093 days ago
I want a hot and r ich guy
And also he loves me very very very much😍😘😍