What Type Of Person Do I Like? Quiz

We all - most of us, anyway - are looking for our "person" to love and to be with all the time for a long time, or maybe even forever. Find out what type of person you're the most into. Answer these 10 easy questions and get your match at the end. Good luck! P.S.: Sorry that because of the test format, I only had room to include three types. I hope you like the one you get!

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    Which do you prefer?
    Which do you prefer?

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507 days ago
This sounds more like a personality quiz LOL
541 days ago
hi how you guys have fun today
545 days ago
hi guys how you guys
645 days ago
Bruh all of these that i got are completely accurate about my boyfriend XD
778 days ago
Mmm...for me the real choice would be joking around and/or riding horses together...with a little quick kisses. I’m not all that romantic tho and the thought of cuddling makes me wanna punch somebody.
857 days ago
My sixty percent was wrong, it was “chilled but funny” but my thirty percent was 100% accurate, it was “dominating, but lovable”
873 days ago
My type wasn't accurate bc I got 60% fun, 30% lovable, and 10% shy and sweet lol.
929 days ago
Mine is dominant but lovable, nice! i would love a guy that was like that description!!
1015 days ago
1015 days ago
I met so right. what am I saying 🤣
1015 days ago
I did not know this quiz could be right :D
1015 days ago
I got chill and funny right on!
1084 days ago
Love going to the movies and chilling at home.
1107 days ago
I had to prove to my friend that the internet can get you in love
1148 days ago
i love movies and cuddiling and i love cute and funny guys and i like e-boys or goth and soft boys
1169 days ago
Mine says : unavaluabe
1202 days ago
It’s like my twin , but in a boy version 😂
1238 days ago
Yeah sounds like me.
1657 days ago
I love chilled and funny and domiate but loveable
1674 days ago
This test it too good.
Everything it says is perfect.
I'm literally astounded by this. Test = Actual 100% facts :D