What Is My Ideal Boyfriend Like?

We ALL have a "type" - so what's yours? Choose the the answers you like most (being totally honest for most accurate results, of course!) and we will guess what your ideal boyfriend will be like. You're gonna like your result, I guarantee it! Now let's get started!

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99 days ago
My profile like 15% participants
This result literally describes everything that I want from a man!!! Anyway, why did some questions ask me about my boyfriend?? I feel like a majority of people in here do not have a boyfriend.
192 days ago
I don't have a freaking boyfriend. I have had some that has asked me out but they were ugly as hell! :( :( :( :(
Ima be a single pringle 4 EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
253 days ago
How can they know my boyfriend is love me and family,he also say that :V
274 days ago
I don’t have a bf but in the future I hope I’ll have one, and hope he’s not a jerk
288 days ago
I don't have a bf and I just got bored and did the test.. wish you all a happy life with us bfs
343 days ago
Wow, all these comments are from so long ago. Especially Emma's, hope you all have a nice life. And Oh, your reality just merged with mine but mine never will yours...
434 days ago
Is this the result is really true or it is fake . If it is true , then yes you are right.😊☺
501 days ago
When you ask about my "current boyfriend"...
... Will an imaginary one count?
635 days ago
My dad (sorry for those who don't have one) tells me I am beautiful and all. I've only had one person tell me he likes me
656 days ago
I do have a dad but I don't so it was hard to answer that question I haven't seen him for about three years but I look exactly like him and I know he loves me even though he doesn't show it
656 days ago
I know this quiz is more for girls but I couldn't find any other one for gays so I just did this one and I don't care if your homosexual or which means you dislike gays
679 days ago
i don't have a boyfriend
699 days ago
I dont have a boyfriend
888 days ago
I dont have a bf:/ Also, some people don't have a dad:/
947 days ago
I don’t have a dad so I wouldn’t know about that
1022 days ago
For 50% you are: Your boyfriend is caring, loving and pretty much amazing. He is a charming gentleman. He's also confident, photogenic and cool. And you love him very much as well. He treats you well and he takes care of himself. He is independent and helps you out in need. He is also popular and attractive. Let's hope for the best for you.

Me: what’s the other 50%?
Me: oh it’s single...
1072 days ago
Y'all I'm so sad I will never get a boy
1097 days ago
Wow..I'm so single...
1134 days ago
I have one in mind :).
1135 days ago