Guy Compatibility
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Guy Compatibility

Discover the perfect boy for you! Is he the All-American jock/prep? Is he the gothic freak? Is he the brainiac? Is he the skater or poser? Is he the rocker? Find out here.

Question 1:What is your guy's favorite music group(s)?
Dante Thomas, Destiny's Child
Lennon, Marilyn Manson
Jamiroquai, Stereo Lab
Blink-182, No Doubt (Early Editions)
Linkin Park, P.O.D.

Question 2:What country would he whisk you away too?
He thinks Alabama is a country
Albania ( Duh, Transylvania)
Wherever Dungeon and Dragons World Convention is held
London (Hurley Store Central)
France ( most seductive country for one-night stands)

Question 3:What would they buy you for your 5 month anniversary?
Stuffed Animals (Something to cuddle with, besides them)
Upside-Down Silver Cross
Palm Pilot
brand-New Skate Board (self-explanatory)
You mean their relationships actually last that long?

Question 4:Favorite Websites?

Question 5:Neatest Accessory? What can't he live without?
A cup ( football-duh!)
Black outfit
Book: 'How to be Bill Gates for Dummies'
Cd player w/ Sum 41 CD
Strap Guitar case ( for his electric guitar)

Question 6:What's the girl he would most likely hang with?
Kirsten Dunst
Megan Rotundi
Rachel Leigh Cook
Drew Barrymore
Angelina Jolie

Question 7:Who's his idol?
Chris Klein (Oz, in American Pie)
Danny Smith (Merton Dingle, Big Wolf on Campus)
Bill Gates (hmm? any connection? possibly...)
Crazytown (you remember the 'butterfly' song)
Papa Roach (You know the 'Last Resort' song)

Question 8:Favorite pants for you to wear.
He likes his 'chicks' to wear skirts. Preferably school-girl mini's
Pants? Who can see them with all the other layers you're wearing?
High-waters, preferably plaid.
Long, baggy, boxer-showing pants.
Who needs pants when you're backstage?

Question 9:How old is the right 'time'?
Whenever she's 'ready', preferably soon, although I could have her friend.
I prefer not to engage in such lustful, promiscuous acts such as 'sex'.
He's too frightened, unless he's married.
Whenever I please, woman!
There's a specified time? Every five minutes doesn't count?

Question 10:Favorite drink?
water/anything alcoholic, please

Question 11:First drug tried?
I prefer to stay away from 'chemical substances'
Drugs?? I'll tell!! They'll ruin you, I swear!
Anything available at the time.

Question 12:Favorite cartoon?
Cartoons, hehehe. ESPN! (insert 'manly' jock laugh here)
The 'Emily' girl.
The animated web-site devoted to multi-millionaires.
South Park (Mr. Hankey, the Christmas Poo, he loves me, and I love you...)

Question 13:Favorite South Park Character? Where's Kyle, by the way? And Stan?
Chef (I'm gonna lay you down baby...)
What is this 'South Park' you speak of?
Kenny (his death never gets old)
Cartman (Cheezy poofs)

Question 14:The license plate he's most likely to have:

Question 15:Favorite movie to take you to:
She's All That/The Replacements
Exorcist/or an indie film
The X-Files Movie/Men in Black
American Pie/American Pie 2
Dude, Where's My Car?/All Access

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