What kinda girl do you like?
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What kinda girl do you like?

Here's a quiz to seek out the type of girl that you're most likely to fall for.

Question 1:A typical date with your girl would be the following:
the back seat of your car
study date in the library
dinner and a movie
watching tv at her house with her parents
rollerblading at the park

Question 2:The one trait that you just can't get enough of from your girl is:
her intellect
her sexy skirts and low cut shirts
her muscular build
her conservative look
her sense of humor

Question 3:What would be the best surprise your girl could give you:
sex on your first date
a picnic in the park where you had your first kiss
the new book that just came out from your favorite author
a picture of herself in a frame
a trip to a Yanks game

Question 4:What do your friends think of your girl?
She's nice
She can take down all the guys on the wrestling team in one punch
She's gonna be valevictorian
She's one of a kind
She's been with all your friends...twice

Question 5:What is her favorite thing to do?
Being polite
Go to the beach
Go running
Playing jeopardy on the computer
Going clubbing

Question 6:What is your favorite movie to watch with her?
Rocky (Parts 1-6)
American Pie
Any type of porn movie at Blockbuster
A movie that was made from a book both of you have already read
A chic flic

Question 7:Your ideal day with your girl would be:
Doing whatever she feels like doing
Staying in bed with her the entire day
Exploring the Smithsonian
Going rock climbing and white water rafting
Spending an entire day with her doing the things that you guys love to do

Question 8:How do you want to feel when she walks into a room?
When you're going to get her back into bed
You wonder when'll be the next time you'll be able to put her in a headlock and pin her down on the ground
You want to know if she's finished reading the last two chapters from the book you both are reading
How long it's going to take her to say hi to you
Your eyes light up and you get butterflies in your stomach

Question 9:What would your mother say about this girl (face it...they're gonna have to meet sometime)
"She's something special...don't let this one slip by"
"Is she going to be in the Olympics?"
"She seems nice"
"Could that dress be any shorter?"
"She's the smartest girl I've ever met"

Question 10:What is the one character flaw that you're willing to let her slide with
She gets better grades then you
She is really quiet
She sleeps with all your friends...even while you're dating
The tendency to use Lifetime as a reference when she talks about how most guys are jerks
She will never let you win without a true fight

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