Which girl is right for you?

Here's a quiz that will tell you exactly what type of girl you need based on your personality and desires.

Question 1:   At a party:
You let some girl talk you into your phone number.
You stand in the corner and listen to the music.
You full-out flirt with the ladies.
You start a conversation with a cute blonde.

Question 2:   A hot girl asks you to dance:
You dance with other people.
You get out there and show her your stuff.
You say, "I can't dance." Idiot.
You refuse her.

Question 3:   You meet a girl on the internet:
You meet on a one-night stand.
You meet in a restaurant that week.
You let her come to your house to...talk.
You tell her you've got a girlfriend in California.

Question 4:   You meet a girl at the grocery store:
You take her number.
You take her number and call her that night.
What were you doing at the grocery store?

Question 5:   She likes you:
Go to HER house.
Meet at the movies.
She takes you out to dinner.

Question 6:   A girl that likes you but is freakin' ugly meets you alone:
You jump out the window.
You tell her you're gay.
You talk to her reluctantly.
You tell her that you're not interested.

Question 7:   This girl has a boyfriend already:
You tell her that she's not available.
You tell her to go away, the slut.
You keep your mouth shut.
You keep your mouth shut.

Question 8:   Her boyfriend walks in:
You tell him that you're happy to see him.
She explains the circumstance.
You explain the circumstance.
He screams.

Question 9:   Where do you go to hook up?
Club or bar
The bench outside the liquor store.
The internet.
Singles night or movies

Question 10:   Do you like girls with the money?
If they like me.
Hell, yeah
If I like their personality.
If she starts flirting with me.

Question 11:   This girl goes to a club:
She leaves without a word.
You end it.
You tell her not to.
You come along.

Question 12:   How do you think you act around girls?
Charm; funny.
Humorous; always flirting.
Shy; don't do a lot.
Never know what to do.

This Quiz has been designed by Superman.