What Type Is My Dream Girl?

What kind of girl do you dream about? What is she like?
Is it the cool girl, mysterious? The girl next door, the fun sporty girl?
Answer these questions now to see what your dream girl would look like. Because I know that you really want to know! Plus, you need to be able to recognize her when she walks into your life, right? 😏

Go on, take the test to find out what you should be looking for!

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    What social circle is your dream girl in?
    What social circle is your dream girl in?

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380 days ago
wow this is nice quiz it is helpful others
430 days ago
What's a "Anything Hottie"?
439 days ago
why are most quizzes here older than most people who take it nowadays, i found a 20 year old quiz somewhere
443 days ago
Kiss me fat boy haha haha
622 days ago
For question 10, there isn't an option for just "No"
664 days ago
I love simple women who appreciate my reality
749 days ago
When you get to the weight part there is no way to say fat
770 days ago
I got 70% goth/emo, I'm lesbian and I'm into this type, dark hotties😘
841 days ago
I want someone who is smart! Not looks that matter!
931 days ago
965 days ago
Totaly Wrong AF! Hahahaha
1000 days ago
I got preppy/artsy yahoo
1000 days ago
My crush is cute she is also funny but I can’t find the courage to talk to her. I would also need to reveal that I’m bisexual I know she is so I might stand a chance.
1008 days ago
I Really Wish To Talk To My Crush One Day
1010 days ago
I’m lesbian and I got normal girl
1031 days ago
I like doing these tests
1062 days ago
I search a girl age of 20 to 23 i want make him my dream girl
1065 days ago
yeet i got the hot sport/jock girl that loves sports and is just super hot.
1136 days ago
I like bob girls their kinda hot
1177 days ago
Hmm... I like black hair girls.