What's My Type Of Girl? (Quiz for Guys)

Have you ever wondered what your type of girl is? No? I don't believe you!
I'm sure you think about girls a lot! You probably have a type and just don't know it yet! Is your type dependent on her looks or her personality? Do you gravitate to the sweet girl next door? The bad girl that might break your heart, or the intelligent, challenging, one? Just like guys, every girl is different, but types do exist!
So what are you waiting for?
Find out here what your type of girl is right now!

  • 1
    What hair color do you think is prettiest?
  • 2
    Which of these days is your favorite?
  • 3
    Which is most important in a girl?
    Which is most important in a girl?

  • 4
    Favorite date out of these?
  • 5
    Which is closest to your style?
  • 6
    Best vacation spot out of these?

  • 7
    Favorite car out of these?
  • 8
    Your dream house is ...
  • 9
    Your dream girl will ...
  • 10
    Your girlfriend asks you for a drink. You get her ...

  • 11
    Your favorite season is ...
  • 12
    In a conversation, you care most about?

Comments (109)


1380 days ago
Why can't this be for girls? There is not a single question relating to 'private parts'. Lesbianism is a thing...
1382 days ago
"Knows how to treat a male" I don't know why but this rubs me the wrong way.
1438 days ago
ok but whys it only fr boys?Im a girl that likes girls
1444 days ago
You guys...yeah whatever I'm a girl all you boys scream like girls so get over it. "I'm nervous this..." And "I'm scared that..." Seems pretty much what girls think about guys. Worst comes to worst she shuns you out of your life forever. When she does that who would like her anyway, I'm I right? It may turn out she likes you back, yay! Now you get all mushy gushy! Blah blah blah :& seriously though? No one likes a boy that's afraid to tell you their feelings. If the girl you like finds out you like her from (idk) rumors would you be happy? Anyway... As you can probably tell I'm not the "😍" kind of girl. I've never kissed\hugged\whatever other things to a guy bc thats... Blaahhh (I hope your not offended.) Now that I think about you probably are offended... Oh well!
1500 days ago
I got the same as UwU lad
1511 days ago
good test, but the girl I like is pretty sporty and is the exact opposite of what i got.
1511 days ago
Im a girl. Why can't this be for girls? Literally none of the questions are affected by what flesh organ you have between your legs.
1531 days ago
i was single and got out of a bad relationship so yeah
1559 days ago
25% Laid-back girl
25% Sporty girl
25% Upbeat girl
25% Artistic and gothic girl

I lIkE eVeRy GiRl oN pLaNeT eArTh
1579 days ago
this. fun and. cool.too
1579 days ago
I am an anti lucie

1592 days ago
lol im bi and im just here like " yep , totally a guy ! " but this quiz got my type pretty accurate
2066 days ago
i love mackenzie
2066 days ago
guys im a girl to you know
2067 days ago
2067 days ago
i hate goth girl and i love sporty ones like me
and i like a girl named angela shes super cool and nice
2068 days ago
I have a really beautiful girl at school but m just nervous to ask her if she likes me. Her name is Sam*****
2076 days ago
i have this huge crush on a girl named ma**** or mads but she maynot like me im just scared cuz were best friends
2079 days ago
I'm a girl and I took this quiz in my personality. I wish this guy named ** or his nickname is ***lker. It's not what you think. I will just tell u jus nickname stalker. There u go
His nickname is stalker because he stalks people
. I really like him. But I'm afraid of rejection
2087 days ago
I met a beautiful girl